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Catrice Lashes To Kill Pro Instant Volume Mascara 24h Ultra Black - 10 Ultra Black

Mascaras are one of my favourite new products to try out, so I was really excited to see a new release by Catrice. Even more so, since I don't remember trying any of their mascaras in the past.  
Catrice Lashes to Kill Pro Instant Volume Mascara comes in both standard and waterproof formulas. The packaging is a reflective silver tube and there is 12 ml of product inside. I have the shade '10 Ultra Black' which is nicely black. I was a little surprised by how wet the formula was initially, which made it hard to use, since it made my lashes look droopy and spidery. 
The brand advertises it as a defining and volumizing mascara and it definitely adds a nice amount of volume and some length to my lashes. For the first month of using it I found it a little too wet to provide enough definiton for me (if you're not careful when layering, it can quickly result in clumpy spidery lashes, which I really don't like).  
The brush is made of natural bristles and they have a slight curl in the middle, in an hourglass shape. The bristles come in different lengths and I somehow always find myself ending up with some product on my lids. The brush comes loaded with product so I had to wipe it with a tissue several times and I sometimes still feel like it deposits too much product on the roots of my lashes and doesn't totally coat the tips. 
At the beginning it was also weighting down my lashes, but now tends to last better though the day, although it still doesn't hold the curl all day. I first started using it during winter, when it was still snowing often throughout the day and I would often end up with some of the product smearing under my eyes or on my brow bone. So this is definitely not the best mascara to get caught in the rain or wear during a rain shower. However I didn't notice it flaking or crumbling and it also removes easily at the end of the day. 
 Applied to my lashes:
At first I had some mixed feelings about this one and I still feel like this is a quite average drugstore mascara. As the formula got drier it started performing slightly better, but I still find it just ok for everyday wear and not very memorable.
Available at drugstores.

*PR Sample

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  1. Se popolnoma strinjam s tabo - je maskara, ki nič posebnega. Sicer res da veliko volumna in hitro, ampak je pa preveč mokra za moj okus.

    1. Yep. Zdaj uporabljam Essence Volume Stylist (po tvojem priporočilu :)) in sem zelo prijetno presenečena, razen suha postaja nekam hitro. Ugotavljam, da lahko kar vedno zaupam tvojim priporočilom tudi glede maskar :)