četrtek, 05. april 2018

The Balm Girls Getaway Trio Long-Wearing Bronzer/Blush

I always get excited when I spot new releases from The Balm and mainly have positive experiences with the brand so far, so when I saw they came out with a new portable blush/bronzer trio, I quickly picked it up. 

The Balm's Girls Getaway Trio comes in compact and portable packaging made out of cardboard. I've traveled with it and used it repeatedly over the past few months and can confirm that it is sturdy and well made. Inside there is also a small mirror, which I find to be too small to be really useful, but should be fine in a pinch or when travelling. There are three pans inside and the palette contains 9,9 g of product in total. The formula is great and just as I expected from reading/hearing reviews from everyone owning their individual products – silky smooth, nicely pigmented and blendable.

The two blush shades are Balm Springs, which is a muted pink, and Balm Beach which also has some peachiness added to it. They both have a matte finish with a slight hint of satin, so they don't look flat or boring on the skin.
The bronzer Balm Beach is a warm toned medium shade which I have to apply with a light hand, and bonus – it also works great as a blush or for an effortless eye look if you apply it into the crease. This one has a slightly more satin finish on the skin. 
They all look very pretty, flattering and are suitable for light-medium skin tones and neutral enough to combine with different looks. I'd have a hard time picking just one favorite out of three shades, but judging from how used the pans in my palette currently look, it would probably end up being the bronzer or the middle blush shade. I bought mine from their flagship store in San Francisco (it's small but really cute), but they're also available on their website or here online and I've actually even spotted it in stores in Slovenia (Muller). 

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