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Hope Girl Honey Bee All Day Fixing Mist (Jolse)

I don't get along with setting sprays which claim to prolong the wear of makeup that well (or primers for that matter), but I'm all about mists and toners in spray form, so I was really excited when this True Island Hope Girl Honey Bee All Day Fixing Mist showed up in my mailbox.

The True Island Hope Girl Honey Bee All Day Fixing Mist comes in an orange plastic spray bottle and contains 80 ml of product. I really like the printed details on the bottle of the bee and honeycomb patterns. The nozzle dispenses a super fine mist, which makes it an even bigger joy to use. The mist has a soft sweet honey fragrance, which is only noticeable when I'm spraying it and disappears quickly from the skin. The product is meant to be a setting spray and a misting toner in one and contains plenty of beneficial ingredients, among others honey, royal jelly, propolis and lime extracts. This ingredient cocktail is supposed to moisturize and nourish the skin, maintain a healthy skin balance and also control oil and help makeup stay in place longer, while adding a fresh glow. The lime extract, which provides some vitamin C, could potentially be irritating for someone with sensitive skin, but mine has been playing along perfectly well.
I've tried using it in both steps, as a facial mist and a makeup setting spray, and tend to prefer it as a skincare product more. When I used it on top of makeup I noticed that it helped make the skin look slightly smoother, reduced any powderiness and added a nice glow all over, which for me personally was a little too dewy, since I prefer a more matte looking complexion. If you have normal or dry skin, I can imagine you having more use out of it in that step. When used as a toner in my skincare routine I noticed my skin being a little more plump and smooth, while all other products I used on top looked and applied better. I didn't notice it control oiliness in either way I used it. Some of the products claims, like the brightening and age-preventing effects would honestly require some more time to notice, than the time I've had to try it out (3 weeks).
Because the mist feels so hydrating and comforting for the skin I love keeping it on hand and spray some throughout the day, because my skin tends to be more dehydrated lately, because of winter and central heating. The box my product came in was also soaking wet, because about 1/4 of the mist unfortunately leaked out. 
Overall I really like this mist and love incorporating it into my skincare routine. I didn't like it as much when I used it as a makeup setting spray, but that was because of my personal preference when it comes to how I like my complexion to look. In general I've only had positive experiences with Korean skincare products containing honey extracts, since this ingredient gently and pleasantly soothes, moisturizes and nourishes the skin.
The Hope Girl Honey Bee All Day Fixing Mist is available from JOLSE and their website also offers  a variety of other products from the same brand with honey as the star ingredient (see here).
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