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Covergirl Clean Matte BB Cream in 510 Fair

As I've mentioned before I have a hard time finding foundations I truly like, since I prefer a more natural look of my skin - even if that means that some 'imperfections' remain visible. This is why I mainly look towards BB or CC creams when I'm looking for a base product that will even out my skin tone, especially since I can always use a higher coverage concealer on top.

The Covergirl Clean Matte BB Cream comes in a compact squeeze plastic tube and contains 30 ml. The tube is on the smaller size, making it handy to keep with you and convenient to travel with. There are 6 shades available, which is a little sad, and I have the lightest one 510 Fair. The product itself is creamy and feels like a lightweight moisturizer on the skin. It has a slight fresh-foundationy scent which goes away fast as you're applying it to the skin. It is oil free, suitable for sensitive skin, doesn't clog pores and is supposed to last all day.
I've been using this product on and off for the majority of the past year and have grown to really like it. The shade was a nice match for my skin during the summer, but has now gotten a little dark, so I've been reaching for my small sample of The Body Shop's Shade Adjusting Lightening Drops, to make it wearable (they really are amazing and don't mess with the formula at all!). The shade Fair has a noticeable pink undertone and is very close to the Bourjois 123 Perfect Colour Correcting Cream in 31 Ivory, but the formula has a bit less coverage and dries to a more matte finish.
I've been experimenting with application and find that all methods work well - applied with fingers or a brush you get the best amount of coverage (light-medium), while a beauty sponge will give you the least coverage (light). In a pinch I'll use my fingers and then go over with a brush, to make sure everything looks blended out. It evens out the skin, particularly covering redness and discoloration marks,  but won't completely cover blemishes, even if I try to build it up, so I always apply concealer to those (lately I've been loving the Tarte Shape Tape). It helps to hide the pores a little, which is something I greatly appreciate, and doesn't accentuate dry patches. I also haven't noticed it creasing or settling into any fine lines.
After it's had a chance to dry a bit the finish turns natural and slightly more on the matte or 'soft-matte' side, which is what I like. I always set it with some powder to make it last longer and contrary to what the packaging claims it absolutely doesn't last or stays matte on the skin all day. I get around 6 hours of wear and then start getting a bit shiny, after 8 hours it still looks ok, but starts disappearing around my nose or anywhere I've been touching my skin. It doesn't get heavy looking and my skin never looks like an oil slick, it just gets a slight sheen, which can easily be fixed with blotting and some powder.
Applied to the skin:
Comparison swatches:
Overall I think this is a really nice product for anyone with oily skin, especially someone who doesn't need or want high coverage, or is just looking for a simple no fuss product. Since it's a BB cream I wasn't expecting it to last on the skin all day, but I still has a decent lasting power on my skin. The shade range could be more extensive, especially since this is a US-based company, but it's certainly better than brands offering products with one or two 'universal' shades.
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  1. Sem jo že večkrat opazila na tvojem Instagramu in sem predvidevala, da ti je precej všeč :) Mi zveni zanimivo, ampak bolj za poletje, ko rabim kaj malo mat, škoda edino za odtenek. Vidim, da ti je uspelo poskusit TBS kapljice - totalno vredne nakupa :) Jaz pa trenutno testiram Covergirl CG Smoothers Hydrating Makeup v odtenku 715 Natural Ivory. Odtenek je od začetka precej svetel, ampak po parih urah oxidira :/ Finish je pa krasen, čisto naraven in prekrivnost je med lažjimi, ampak prekrije kakšno nepravilnost v dveh slojih.

    1. Res je boljša za poletje, glede formule in odtenka, ker mi je zdaj itak pretemna. TBS kapljice so super, ko porabim testerček sigurno naročim, čeprav se spomnim da tebi embalaža z dropperjem ni preveč všeč.
      Zadnjič sem naročila še Milani Conceal + Perfect podlago v najsvetlejšem odtenku 00A in mi je dejansko malo presvetla, tako da bi bila tebi verjetno ravno prav :) Sem pa iz ZDA prinesla še It cosmetics Your Skin But Better CC kremo, ki mi je tudi kar všeč zaenkrat (in dovolj svetla :)).

    2. Ja, embalaža od TBS je prav trapasta. Ne dela na klasičen način razen če zelo stresaš embalažo, zato jaz enostavno postrgam izdelek iz palčke.

      Zdaj si mi pa dala upanje za Milani :) Swatchi so še vedno redki in če praviš, da je še tebi malo presvetla, potem bo skoz zihr zame. Hvala :) Za It Cosmetics pa tudi slišim samo pohvale :)