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The Balm Meet Matt(e) Hughes Kit (shades: Charming, Sincere, Committed, Doting, Dedicated, Loyal)

Last fall I picked up a set of The Balm's Meet Matt(e) Hughes Long-lasting Liquid Lipsticks that featured 6 minis from their shade range. The brand has since come out with two more sets, featuring different shades, so I imagine these sets are quite popular among their customers (and a great way to try the formula and a range of shades).

The Balm's Meet Matt(e) Hughes Long-lasting Liquid Lipsticks come in a transparent plastic tube so you can see the shade you're getting well and have a doe foot applicator which is about standard sized and carries more than enough product for one application - I actually usually end up wiping some of it on the opening of the tube. The applicator is also small and precise enough on the edges of the lips. The minis contain 1,2 ml of product, while the full size has 7,4 grams. I thought getting this set would a be great way to test the formula and different shades before deciding if I liked any of them enough to purchase a full size, since I rarely finish any full-sized lip products.
They claim to have a long-lasting wear time and a comfortable matte finish on the lips. I really like the minty-vanilla fragrance and slightly refreshing and cooling feel on the lips from the mint, which is also supposed to have a plumping effect, but I don't notice a difference. As the lipstick dries on the lips, the fragrance also fades away a bit. I tend to have pretty dry lips and find these ones fairly comfortable for wear. While they are a bit drying they don't cause my lips to peel or cause them to get uncomfortably dry during most of the year, but do find them quite drying in the winter time or when my lips are not in the best condition. 
The formula is thin and lightweight and most of the shades I've tried have excellent opaque coverage with one layer. After application I don't really feel them on the lips, but if I press my lips together I can fell a very slightly tacky layer, even when the product completely dries to a full matte finish, which happens within minutes. With wear they don't crumble off, but tend to look a bit cakey and accentuate texture and lip lines. I tend to remove the product from the lips fully, before I reapply it,  if I notice any wear or if they start to feel uncomfortable (usually around 5-6 hours). They come off easily with an oil based makeup remover or a cleansing oil/balm
Shades that were included in the set:
Doting - a peachy shade; this one is a little patchy when I apply it and is the least pigmented of the bunch; i can see the applicator strokes on the lips and get full opacity if I apply two coats, which makes it feel dryer on the lips quicker. It doesn't transfer when drinking, lasts well through meals, but starts looking a bit crusty so I like to reapply it after eating. It lasts around 5 hours on my lips. 
Dedicated – a dark pink magenta; this one has opaque coverage and what seems like slightly lighter formula. It has no or very minimal transfer, lasts well though meals and stays on my lips for 6+ hours, without starting to feel drying or setting into the lip lines too noticeably. This one can stain the lips slightly. 
Loyal – a deeper blue toned red; a stunning shade, perfect for the upcoming holiday season. The formula is consistent  - opaque and even with one coat, creamy, transfer proof and long lasting (6+ hours). 
Sincere – is a brown-toned mauve and definitely my favourite shade from the kit. I feel like this one goes with every look. It applies evenly and the formula is consistent with the rest.
Committed – is a pinky nude. Another beautiful everyday shade with a consistent formula. 
Charming – is a deeper mauve that on me doesn't dry to an unwearable violet (a winner!) and has a consistent formula.
I'm really happy with this purchase and reach for three more nude shades often (Sincere, Committed and Charming), but more or less like them all, except Doting, which looks too peachy on me. As far as liquid lipsticks go these have probably one of my favourite formula that I've tried so far (when my lips aren't too dry) and they actually last well on my lips.
Available as a set here or shop for individual shades here.

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  1. Ta set je tudi meni luškan. :) Sicer nisem ziher, da bi bili vsi odtenki zame. Glede na tvoje swatche je tudi meni najbolj všeč Sincere. Čeprav mi je tudi Dedicated zanimiv. Včasih sem mislila, da mi bo najbolj všeč Commited, ampak zdaj ko vidim, da je na tebi izredno roza, bi pri meni ziher potegnil na tak odtenek.