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OUAI Haircare Morning After Kit

I love it when brands come out with travel-sized try-out kits, but because they often also contain a 'filler' item I sometimes don't mind skipping them. They are also usually a great introduction to the brand and since I've never tried anything from the brand Ouai Haircare before, I thought this Morning After Kit would be a great way to start.

The OUAI Haircare Morning After Kit contains three travel-sized hair care items, which come in a transparent plastic pouch. The kit contains a Dry Shampoo Foam (43 g), Finishing Créme (15 ml) and Rose Hair & Body Oil (28 ml). My hair is notoriously hard to curl and and any styling rarely lasts long enough for me to go through the trouble of curling, so I keep the product amount pretty minimal.
I often use dry shampoo and seeing this contained a Foam Dry Shampoo made me curious enough. The product that gets dispensed looks like standard mousse/foam, that you apply to the roots to remove oils and make the hair appear freshly washed. After massaging the foam into the roots, the hair gets slightly damp and once it dries (probably less than a minute) the hair instantly looks cleaner and smells much nicer (the product has a fresh floral scent). Unlike other dry shampoos I've tried in the past this one doesn't add that much volume, texture or grittiness (from the dispensed powder) to the hair, but keeps it soft and smooth to the touch. 
The Finishing Créme is a lightweight creamy lotion, which protects from heat styling, smoothes dry ends and is supposed to add a 'lived-in look' to the hair. I've found that it is definitely smoothing for my hair and it also adds some shine to the hair, all without weighing it down. The scent of this one is barely noticeable. I usually apply it on dry hair after washing and whenever I feel like my ends are looking a little sad and strawy. 
The Rose Hair & Body Oil is a multi-purpose lightweight oil and I mainly use it on my hair only. I usually apply about one drop to my ends, when they're still slightly damp and it helps to smoothen, add shine and remove frizz. If I apply too much it can make my thin hair feel oily fast. It smells and feels luxurious, even though I'm not really a fan of rose-scented products in general, and the fragrance doesn't really linger. My one complain is that the pump on my bottle is leaking, so the whole thing is a bit oily and it usually also leaves a slight mess on whatever surface I leave it on.
The difference between the before and after photos when using OUAI Dry Shampoo Foam looks subtle here, but is obvious irl:
Overall, I really like the Dry Shampoo Foam and the Rose Hair & Body Oil, but would easily skip on the Finishing Créme, if it came to me repurchasing the items. I still find this set a good value and a really nice introduction to the brand.
Have you tried any products from this brand before? OUAI Haircare products are available for purchase from Sephora.

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