četrtek, 02. november 2017

Innisfree Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask

I use clay based masks a lot and since I've been testing out (and mostly also loving) lots of korean based skincare I also wanted to try out some of their clay-based clearing masks. Innisfree is a natural-oriented korean brand who originate their ingredients from the Jeju Island; in this case the Jeju volcanic clay.

The Innisfree Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask comes in a brown hard plastic jar with a screw on lid and contains 100 ml of product. The mask is creamy and easily spreadable but prone to drying out, if not used within the recommended time (= 9 months; I've had mine for over a year and the top layer can get quite hard to get through). The mask is grey coloured and besides kaolin clay also contains volcanic ash and glycerin within top ingredients. It has a mild clay scent that is not too noticeable during application or wear. The mask promises to tighten pores, remove sebum, exfoliate dead skin cells, offer deep cleansing, enhance skin tone and provide cooling effects. 
I use the mask after cleansing and as it dries it has a typical tightening effect on the skin. I leave it on for anywhere between 10-20 minutes and rinse it off with water, which turnes it almost into a creamy clay based cleanser. I find the mask to be quite smooth, so I don't notice it to be particularly exfoliating, but I really like how deeply cleansing it is for my pores, although it is not the best for removing all blackheads. After washing off the skin is instantly much clearer, less oily, more even toned and it also works great as occasional spot tretment, with speeding up any breakouts to come to a whitehead faster. I've noticed that it is a little drying on my usually usually oily skin, so I tend to always follow up with a nicely hydrating sheet mask. 
Applied to the skin:
Overall, this is a really nice clearing clay based pore mask treatment that is reasonably priced, but like so many products I've tried recently there's nothing super special about it. It is available here or here online.

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  1. Sem pričakovala, da je tole samo še ena povprečna glinena maska, ki je sicer dobra, ampak nič posebnega. Vem, da hvalijo tole predvsem za ogrce, ampak do zdaj mi še ni uspelo s korejsko kozmetiko naredit razliko kar se tiče njih.

    1. Sem prebrala veliko pohval zanjo, preden sem se odločila za nakup, ampak meni ni nič posebnega. Za ogrce se mi zdi Origins Clear Improvement še vedno najboljša, samo je tudi cena malo pretirana.