ponedeljek, 27. november 2017

Caudalie Moisturizing Toner

I often skip the toner stage in my skincare routine and prefer using mists, which are basically the same - you just apply them with spraying and not patting onto the skin/using facial cotton pads.

Caudalie Moisturizing Toner comes in a milky white, somewhat transparent, bottle with a pump that contains 200 ml of product. The toner has a usual thin and watery consistency and kind of a fresh scent, which to me feels pretty strong and tends to linger on the skin for a while. Toners are supposed to remove any last traces of make up or other impurities from the skin, as well as even out the pH to boost the performance of other products you apply after. This one feels like it moisturizes and refreshes the skin well.
I usually apply it with a cotton pad or simply by patting it onto the skin and it leaves a moisturized layer behind that you can feel (it even feels a bit tacky). This layer stays behind even after I feel like the product has had enough time to fully absorb. After application I follow up with other products in my routine and until recently this was another one of those products that are fine - they do their job as described, but there's nothing special about them. My skin has been all over the place lately and besides being oily I also get dry patches of skin and when ever I would use this product, it tends to cause a burning sensation on my skin and as well as redness, which definitely doesn't make it safe for use on sensitive skin. It doesn't cause me any breakouts.
Overall, I find it to be overly fragranced and while it was working nicely with my skin for some time, I wasn't a fan of the layer it would leave behind and I currently also can't use it regularly because it causes more sensitivity to my skin. It would probably work well with normal skin.
Caudalie products are available here online and at most local pharmacies. 

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  1. Jaz sem prelena za tonik, haha =P Problem je, ker si vate nosim naokoli in ko so v dnevni... ne grem po njih, haha =D

    1. Poznam :) Zate bi bil potem popoln tonik v sprejčku. Melvita ima nekaj zelo dobrih, meni je bil pa pred časom zelo dober Caudalie Grape (super sploh poleti) :)