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L'ORÉAL Voluminous Lash Paradise Mascara

Today I'm finally sharing some more thoughts on the currently very popular newly released mascara from L'Oreal - the Voluminous Lash Paradise mascara. You might have noticed that pretty much everyone likes this product, so I was excited to try it out. I'm always on the lookout for a mascara that will deliver glamorous looking lashes, and if it comes with a drugstore price tag, that makes it even harder to resist trying out.

L'Oreal Voluminous Lash Paradise mascara comes in a pinky-mauve metallic looking tube and a golden ring at the cap, which looks really pretty and very similar to the Too Faced's Better than Sex mascara. The tube comes in protective outside packaging (which features some serious claims about its performance), so you can be sure no one else has ever opened it before you. There is 8,5 ml of product inside and it comes in several different shades - mostly different undertones of black and a deeper black-brown shade.
I picked up the shade 'Blackest Black' and it is a nice true black shade without any visible greyness once I apply it onto the lashes. The mascara comes with a slightly curved wavy bristles on the wand, which helps to hug the lashes and deposit product. The bristles are natural (not plastic) and vary in length - they are the longest on both outside edges and shortest in the middle (another similarity with the Too Faced's Better than Sex mascara, which I've never tried so I can't tell if they also work in a similar way).

Because of the hype this product has been getting I was honestly keeping my expectations too high, so for the first couple of uses I liked it but wasn't totally convinced about it's effects. It is supposed to deliver both volume and length and for me it took a week's worth of use before I was convinced and started reaching for it pretty much every day. The formula is not wet or dry, but somewhere in the middle from the start. With mascaras I'm basically looking for length, volume and definition and this one delivers all three, but on my lashes mainly works as a defining and volumizing product.

It is also one of those mascaras where I can only apply one coat and have nicely black defined lashes, but two or three coats basically take them to a new level (more than that makes it look a bit clumpy), adding a ton of volume particularly to the outer edge and making them look really beautiful. I picked up the regular version and never had any issues with its longevity, smudging in hot and humid weather or flaking, and it also holds up the curl really well until I remove it. I think it contains a bit less product than your usual mascara so I can tell that mine is starting to go dry after about 8 weeks and can leave a tiny black flake or two when I'm applying it, but still holds up on the lashes really well. It easily comes off with a cleansing oil or eye makeup remover.
Ingredients list:
 Closer look at the wand:
Applied to the lashes: curled lashes without any product // 1 coat of mascara // 2 coats of mascara; I couldn't capture its full effect on my lashes on the photos below, but it really makes the lashes look super voluminous, like I've added some individual falsies to the outer edge.
If you've been considering trying out his mascara I highly recommend it. It delivers a beautiful volumizing and defining effect to the lashes, but slightly underperforms in the lengthening department. Still, it holds up really well without smudging and is currently the mascara I keep reaching for on a daily basis. The last drugstore mascara I was really impressed by was the Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara, which delivers a similar result to my lashes, but adds even more definition and length. Still, I couldn't decide which one I prefer right now, if I had to pick only one favourite between the two.

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  1. Med branjem opisa sem ves čas mislila na Maybelline Lash Sensational in zdaj na koncu vidim, da sta si res podobni :D. Če kdaj pride do nas, ali jaz do nje, jo zagotovo preizkusim. Bere se že zanimivo. Če je podobna Maybellinovi pa mi bo zagotovo všeč. Na tvojih fotografijah res da lep volumen. Vidim, da ti želiš podobne stvari od maskare, tako da bom večkrat pogledala tvoja priporočila :).

    1. Res sta si podobni, ampak L'Oreal definitivno doda več volumna. Se jo splača preizkusiti ko bo na voljo pri nas (škoda sicer za spremenjeno embalažo). :)