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SUN DANCE MED Ultra Sensitive Sonnenfluid SPF 50+ (sunscreen for allergy-prone skin)

My skin is very prone to reacting to different skincare products and it's not any different when it comes to sunscreen products. When I started using Bioré's Aqua Rich Watery Gel last year I got a whole new appreciation for the asian skincare market, but I occasionally still have a look at what local drugstores and brands have to offer to see if they've moved in the direction away from using greasy thick formulas yet.

The SUN DANCE MED Ultra Sensitive Sonnenfluid SPF 50+ for allergy prone skin is a sunscreen product from one of the dm drugstore's house brands and comes in a convenient white tube, containing 50 ml of product. They claim that it is perfect to use for anyone whose skin is prone to sun allergies and/or sun induced acne. It doesn't have any added fragrance or oils in its formulation and is designed particularly for use on the face, neck and decolletage, and is also waterproof. The texture of the product is creamy, not thick, but just slightly runny and has a somewhat yellowish tint to it. It doesn't have a particular scent but I get a noticeable scent of alcohol from it.
It spreads on the skin well and leaves a noticeable sheen behind, not super greasy, but definitely not something anyone with oily skin would look for when shopping for a daily facial sunscreen. On the plus side it actually doesn't irritate my skin, cause any redness, breakouts or dryness. It needs good 10-15 minutes for dry down, where it loses some of it's sheen, but you can still feel it on the skin, if you touch it. It doesn't have any white cast. I've tried wearing makeup over it, but after about 3 hours I would turn into an oil slick, so I only wear this when I'm just hanging out around the house or garden and know I won't wear makeup. When I can't be bothered to carry along/reach for a separate SPF I also use it on my shoulders and it works perfectly well, which is how I'm going to use it up.
 Applied to the skin:
This one might be better for anyone with normal or dry skin and seems to work well with my skin which is usually easily irritated. Available at dm stores.

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