petek, 15. april 2016

Essence - 02 The Sultan's Daughter Nail Polish (Lights of Orient LE)

Last week I picked up one of the nail polishes from the latest LE Lights of Orient by Essence because the color seemed right up my alley. When I initially saw the press preview I considered getting more items, but in the end I only picked up The Sultan's Daughter Nail Polish.

The packaging seems very similar to Chanel's bottles but contains less product - 11 ml and the lid isn't made out of two parts. When I swatched the polish at the shop I thought it was really close to Maybelline's Rose Poudré which is one of my all time favourites, but after comparing the two with a couple other polishes I found another match that is closer shade wise.
The nail polish has a slightly thicker formula and the first coat applies slightly uneven. It needs two coats for full coverage and has a nice glossy finish. I rarely buy Essence nail polishes, because I get tip wear in a day or two. This one is no different, the tip wear was visible after the first day and there was some chipping on the second day. I didn't use a top coat, which would probably improve wear time, so I'll be trying that next time I apply it.
It comes with a thinner brush than usually for Essence polishes which calls for more attention with application.
Comparison swatches:
- Essence The Sultan's Daughter,
The Essence nail polish is very close to Essie's Ladylike (they're almost dupes), but is cooler, darker and not as pink like Maybelline's Rose Poudré. On me it pulls more like a medium muted violet mauve leaning slightly purple, but in the bottle it looks more like a true balanced mauve. 

I think someone with slightly deeper complexion would absolutely love it as a nude shade, but on me it's currently too dark to be a nude. If you're a fan of such shades it's really pretty, but the formula could use some improvements so it would last better.

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  1. Po predogledih kolekcije sem bila prepričana, da bo bolj nežno roza in ne bo toliko vlekel na rjavo barvo. Škoda.. v začetku sem si želela vse lake te kolekcije, ampak po swatch-ih sodeč sta že dva odpadla :/

    1. Sama sem tudi pričakovala, da bo bolj roza, čeprav je barva še vseeno lepa.

  2. Zelo lep odtenek in meni prav zanimivo deluje na tvoji polti :). Jaz ravno zato ne kupujem Essence lakov, kot si rekla, naslednji dan se mi že krušijo kot nori. Škoda, ker imajo res lepe odtenke. Če že kupim potem za kakšen naila, največkrat pa nadlake, ki imajo zanimive finiše :).

    1. Odtenke imajo res lepe, sem si ravno danes spet 2 ogledovala na stojalu, ampak je formula precej povprečna, tako da sem ju hitro dala nazaj. Iščem pa nov nadlak, tako da bom mogoče preizkusila katerega od Essence za spremembo.