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Empty Products #16

Another batch of empties to share. Let's jump right in.

 - First Aid Beauty Face Cleanser - I used up another tube of this cleanser and I think it definitely belongs in my top 3 cleansers I’ve had the chance of trying so far. It cleans the skin without stripping and also works for removing makeup, although I prefer to use it as a second cleanser. It works really well with my skin and I have backups in my stash, so I don’t run out of it.
- Afrodita Cosmetics Hydra Thermal Serum - this serum is really nice and although it has more of a creamy consistency, it still feels light, but hydrating on the skin. I pretty much use it every morning and night and have already repurchased it several times.
- GlamGlow SuperMud Clearing Treatment Mask (sample) - this mask is seriously the best for clearing the skin. I bought the full size after I’ve used the sample twice and adore it. It removes blackheads, exfoliates the skin and helps clearing it in general. I use it once a week all over my skin and sometimes also as spot treatment.
- Origins A Perfect World Age-defence Moisturizer with White Tea (sample) - this was a decent moisturizer, but the scent bothered me so much I couldn’t completely finish the small 15 ml tube. It smelled like some weird herbs and I most definitely won’t be repurchasing.
- Kiehl’s Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado - I finished this eye cream and after not using it for a couple of weeks when I was deciding about getting a replacement, I was trying out other such products and after about two weeks of not using it I’ve noticed that the fine lines under my eyes started to deepen and my concealer was creasing non stop. So I quickly decided to repurchase it and now that I’ve been using it for about two weeks I can see my under eyes getting better again. If you were considering trying it out I highly recommend it.
- Balea Beauty Effect Eye Gel-pads - there were three packs of gel pads inside and they felt cooling and de-puffing on the under eyes but after removing them the effect didn’t last on me for more than an hour, which makes them quite pointless to use.
 - Luke Charcoal Nose Cleansing Strips and Skin Food Chlorella Nose Clear Patch - both ok, but neither removes blackheads completely. These usually come as free samples whenever I order skincare from Korea and I’m sure I have more in my stash I’ll eventually use.
- Vichy Aqualia Thermal Awakening Eye Balm - this was very silicon-y and felt more like a primer than an eye cream. It didn’t make any visible difference to my under eyes and I will not be buying the full size.
 - Max Factor Velvet Volume False Lash Effect Mascara - I generally really enjoy using Max Factor mascaras but this one left me slightly underwhelmed. It was an alright day to day mascara but not something I would reach for when I wanted to put more emphasis on my lashes.
- Urban Decay Naked 24/7 Glide-On Double-Ended Eye Pencil in Zero/ Whiskey - this was a really nice duo of eyeliners and it was especially travel friendly, because it consisted of a warm medium-dark brown and a true black. The formula of these Urban Decay eyeliners is very pigmented and creamy so you can smudge it along the lash line, but it’s also long wearing to survive without fading for the entire day (on the waterline it didn’t last as well). I might repurchase in the future.
- Balea Pflegecreme - every couple of months Balea comes out with different scents and packaging of these multi-purpose creams and I really like this one for its fresh floral scent. They are soft and don’t feel greasy so they’re really nice to use on the hands throughout the day. I have another one to use.
- Alverde Aloe Vera Mangokern Butter - this was a part of a holiday set with three different scented butters and they were all nice to use, but nothing too special. I used them as a body moisturizer and the butter sinked in quickly without greasiness and the scent lasted on the skin for a while.
- Alverde Mint Mouthwash - I used up another one of these and I keep repurchasing because it’s soft on the gums but still refreshing enough. I keep one in my stash all the time.
- Ole Henriksen Brightening Cleansing Cloths - I don’t use makeup wipes too often and I was really surprised by how effective these were at removing makeup without leaving weird residue on the skin and they even removed waterproof mascara. I haven’t noticed any brightening in my skin, but the wipes did make it feel really smooth and clean. I already repurchased them.
- A'Pieu Tea Tree Spot Patches - these spot patches are really convenient and contain tea tree so once you apply it onto a zit they help to calm redness and usually prevent the zit from actually forming. They are great to use at night or even day time because the patch is almost transparent and not very noticeable on the skin. I have two more packets of them.

Have you tried any of the products mentioned above?

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