sreda, 09. marec 2016

Secret Key Honey Bee's Ac Control Mist for Sensitive Skin

Facial mists have become an essential step in my skincare routine. Most that are available on our markets are serving the hydrating aspect and unless you're prepared to really splurge on such an item you won't be getting much more than that. That's one of the reasons why I've been resorting to exploring options available mainly in the Korean skin care world, where, as I've mentioned before, you get sometimes slightly 'unusual' but efficient ingredients in products that don't necessarily break the bank. 

Secret Key Honey Bee's Ac Control Mist for Sensitive Skin comes in a part orange part transparent spray bottle and contains 100 ml of product. It's formulated with sensitive skin in mind and contains bee venom and propolis to control moisture and oil balance in the skin and helps to protect and soothe it. The spray isn't my favourite because it disposes a lot of product, so spraying this mist over make up probably wouldn't be the best idea. Anyway, I'm almost finished with my bottle and I've often used it both in the mornings and nights to get the most benefits out of the ingredients.
I spray it about 3-4 times and gently tap it into the skin while it absorbs. It doesn't feel greasy, but leaves a softening and hydrated feel on the skin. It's the most moisturizing mist I've ever used and I'll probably repurchase it for the summer, when I can see myself using it with a serum and SPF on top and it would be hydrating enough for my oily skin. I haven't noticed it controlling oil production too much when I used it in the mornings, but it definitely has other benefits for the skin. Propolis helps with healing those pesky blemish marks, clearing up the skin in general, as well as preventing new breakouts and dry patches. It has a soft, sort of a fresh minty-propolis scent, but doesn't feel tingly or burning on the skin, just quite refreshing and very hydrating. It never seemed to irritate my skin. It's a really lovely product.
Some sellers on line seem to have a slightly different packaging currently available (I bought mine late summer last year). Available here.

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  1. Sliši se super, pa še cena je normalna.:) Malo me skrbi ta čebelji strup, ker sem načeloma alergična na cvetni prah. Potem pa vedno kolebam, ko je kaj z medom ali čebelami :D. Gre pa vsekakor na seznam. Sploh zaradi vlažilnih sposobnosti. Ti misti so itak najbolj uporabni poleti, ko prav pašejo :).

    1. Če sumiš alergijo na čebele je mogoče bolje, da pošiščeš kaj brez teh sestavin. Tale ima super osvežilni vonj in občutek na koži tudi zdaj, ko še ni vročine :)

  2. I don't often use a facial mist but this sounds like such an interesting product!

    Kirstie | Behind The Scent