sreda, 30. marec 2016

MAC Soar Lip Pencil

Lipliners have gradually snuck into my makeup collection and today I have a review ready for the MAC Soar Lip Pencil. I picked it up a while ago and it was the first MAC product I ever got. My collection of lip pencils/liners mainly consists of neutral pinks and mauves and this one fits in nicely.
MAC Soar Lip Pencil is a lip liner that needs to be sharpened manually, so it can be a bit fussy to use. It contains 1.45 g of product, which is more than your usual lip liner. The formula of the pencil isn’t the creamiest, but it still applies smoothly and is well pigmented. The tip doesn’t wear off too quickly so it doesn’t have to be sharpened very often, but I still prefer to have it at least half-sharpened so I can apply it to the lip edges with more precision. I wear it often either on its own or paired with other lip products, which is my prefered way of wearing it. The formula is creamy enough that it doesn’t feel too drying, but if I wear by itself I still like to put at least a little bit of lip balm over it. Under any lipstick it prolongs it wear time and makes precise application around the lip edges a bit easier. Lasting power is decent at around 6 hours, but wears off with eating. If worn on its own, it doesn't transfer to a cup or glass when drinking.
I’m divided about the shade itself. Last summer when I had some color this was a really gorgeous shade that was a bit deeper than my lips and had a warm reddish brown tone to it, but now when I’m lighter again this is a brownish-mauve shade that on its own doesn’t look too flattering on me, unless I wear cooler toned makeup. When I first apply it, it looks nice, but after about 5 minutes it deepens into a cooler shade that can look like it washes me out. That's why I prefer to pair it with other products, like the Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet 92 La Raffinee or NARS Audacious Lipstick in Raquel which looks a bit too peachy on its own, so the pencil base deepens their shades.
Comparison swatches:
I can understand the hype behind this shade in particular, especially for someone with medium or tanned complexion, but if I had a chance to buy it again I would probably think about it twice. The formula itself is really nice though, and I hope I’ll get to try other shades from the line in the future.

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  1. Sem slišala o popularnosti tega svinčnika. Moram reči, da izgleda kar precej temen. Sem si mislila, da je svetlejši, ampak potem ne bi bil všeč večini - torej nekej srednjemu tenu, ki je itak najbolj zaznamovan tudi v naših drogerijah. Če potegne na hladno potem definitivno ne bi bil zame.:) Meni je vedno grozno dat več denarja za nekaj kar ošilim in potem porabim kot bi trenil. Sem pa tudi toliko precizna, da hočem vedno lepo ošiljeno konico :D.

    1. Zame je tudi skoraj pretemen za vsakdanjo uporabo. Poleti veliko boljše izgleda, ko imam malo barve. :) Mene pri Pillow Talk od CT kar malo zaboli vsakič, ko ga ošilim :P