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L'Oreal True Match Foundation in N1 - Ivory

It's been taking me really long to sit down and write a review for this foundation for some reason, but I've already mentioned it in a couple of my favourites posts so you can assume I really like it. The True Match foundation from L'Oreal has been around for years and is probably the one drugstore foundation with the widest available shade range, but of course each country will have a different one available. I bought mine online, because the shades available in our drugstores were all too dark to match me.

L'Oreal True Match Foundation comes in a glass bottle with a pump that easily controls the amount of product you want to use. The packaging has actually changed since I bought mine and looks a bit sleeker now. Still, this is small enough to take with you when travelling and isn't too heavy. There's 30 ml of product inside and the foundation is formulated with micro mineral pigments to match and adapt to your skintone. It's unscented and has SPF 17. It's also supposed to improve the skin texture and its appearance, which I would say is a bit of a stretch. This foundation has a slightly thicker, gel-like, texture and has a medium buildable coverage. It covers redness pretty well, but I have to use concealer to cover blemishes. A thin layer doesn't look like you're even wearing foundation and if you can find a match for your skin tone, it does have some skin-adapting properties and blends easily into the skin. 
I usually apply it with fingers and use a brush to blend everything. On the skin it feels lightweight and undetectable, while also being slightly hydrating. My skin is acne prone, oily and dehydrated (it's getting better, though) and right now when the temperatures are still on the colder side I really like its satin-skin like finish on my skin. If I had first tried it in the summer I would probably hate it, because I feel like it would slip off my face after an hour.  It doesn't irritate my skin and the shade N1 Ivory is pretty much a perfect match for me right now. It has a slightly tacky feel on the skin after application and can crease in any fine lines or cling to dry patches, so I always set it with powder and it wears well for 8-9 hours. At that point it starts to disappear around my nose (depending on the powder I set it with, it usually also needs blotting after 5-6 hours). It does still look nice from afar, but has a very dewy, almost oily finish, at that point (10 hours). Using primer or setting sprays would probably help with prolonging the wear, but in general it's not the most long wearing, while it still lasts well for a normal work day. 

Comparison swatches:

The formula of the L'Oreal True Match Foundation is probably best suited for normal and combination skin types, looking for medium coverage and satin finish on the skin. If you can find a match among the available shades it's a really nice drugstore option.
There are 23 different shades available here, but drugstores usually carry a smaller range.

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  1. Kakšno leto, dve nazaj sem ga imela in mi takrat ni bil lih favorit, ker mi je pokazal vsako suho lusko na koži, pa ne krivim pudra več,ampak moje stanje slabo navlazene kože na dolgi rok. Tako, da bi ga dejansko probala sedaj ko imam kožo v res dobrem stanju in mislim da bi mi bil všeč, sploh ker vem da mi je bil vseč finiš in tekstura.na tebi krasno izgleda.