sreda, 23. marec 2016

Afrodita 100% SPA Strawberry Scented Body Mousse

I think I found a new favourite body moisturizer for spring and summer. Not too long ago Afrodita Cosmetics came out with a line of strawberry-scented products and since I loved most of their older products from their 100% SPA Line, I wanted to see if I liked their newer release as well.

Strawberry scented body mousse comes in simple plastic packaging with a reddish-pink print on a sticker that signals the added strawberry fragrance. There's 200 ml of product inside and the mousse is milky-white with small red beads inside (infused with vitamin E), that melt on the skin as you massage it onto your skin and release the fresh and fruity scent of strawberries. I can also detect a slight creaminess to the scent, almost like eating fresh strawberries with cream in the summer. Do note, that the strawberry scent isn't the most authentic like you'd find it at The Body Shop, but it's still enjoyable. 
The texture of the mousse is soft, fluffy and lightweight, but it's still very moisturizing on the skin and thanks to cocoa butter also nourishing and softening. It absorbs instantly into the skin and leaves a soft layer of moisturized and gently scented skin behind. Skin on my body tends to get very dry if I don't moisturize daily and this one seems to be providing it with enough moisture even now when it's still pretty cold outside which along with central heating tends to dry out the skin even further. The fragrance itself isn't the most longwearing and is mostly gone after about three hours, but the softening and hydrating effect seems to last for an entire day.

This is well worth checking out, especially if you're a fan of fruit-scented body care products and prefer lighter formulas that still deliver, without being at all greasy. Along with this body mousse they also released a strawberry scrub, that I'm interested in trying out.
Available here and at your nearest  drugstore (in Slovenia).

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