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COSRX Ultimate Moisturizing Honey Overnight Mask

In the past year I've been dabbling into Korean skincare and finally have a first product to share with you. I've already mentioned the Cosrx Ultimate Moisturizing Honey Overnight Mask in my 2015 skincare favourites but today I'll be sharing more about my experience with it. I first started using it last October and I'm very close to finishing the jar and have already ordered another one, which is a testament to how much I like it.

Cosrx Ultimate Moisturizing Honey Overnight Mask comes in a plastic jar and contains 50 g of product. I would clearly prefer if it came in a squeezable tube or if they included a spatula. The product has a lightweight gel consistency and has a yellow tint without a noticeable scent. When you apply the mask onto the skin it appears transparent and doesn't add any color.
The mask is formulated with propolis and bees wax and is especially suited for oily problematic skin. It feels soothing and moisturizing on the skin. The mask can be used as a three-in-one product: sleeping pack (sealing overnight mask), wash off mask or 'usual' moisturizer. The gel texture isn't tacky, sticky or oily and depending on the amount I apply, sinks in quite quickly (thin layer) or acts as a sealer for other products under it (thicker layer). Most of the time I use it both as a morning moisturizer and again in the evening as a mask. Following the Afrodita Hydra Thermal Concentrate Serum, in the morning, I apply a tiny amount of the Cosrx mask. That way it sinks into the skin almost instantly, leaving behind soft, moisturized and plumper looking skin. Foundations I've tested with it all wore well on top.
In the evening I use it as a mask and apply a thicker layer as my last step in the routine and allow it some time to absorb into the skin, so it doesn't get all over my pillow case. That way it 'seals' in all other products I've applied underneath and provides a protective moisture barrier for the skin. In the morning the skin is again soft, moisturized, plumper, radiant and healthy looking. Usually when I apply a thicker layer I feel a very slight tingling sensation for a couple of seconds, but my skin never had a reaction or broke out because of it. It actually seems to be helping with healing the skin and marks left from blemishes as well as preventing new breakouts. 
 In the pot:
 Texture on the skin:
Dry skin would probably require a more concentrated product than this, but for my oily skin this is an excellent product and I'll definitely be trying out more products from the brand. I find the price to be relatively affordable as well.
Available here with free shipping from Korea.

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  1. Super ocena! Zdaj tudi jaz malce raziskujem azijsko kozmetiko in sem naletela na Cosrx BHA Blackhead Power Liquid. Zaenkrat deluje v redu, ampak še ne morem potrditi, da ga moja koža zares prenaša. :) Tole Overnight Mask pa si bom nekam zabeležila, ker jo res hočem sprovat!

    1. Od Cosrx si želim preizkusiti še precej izdelkov, tudi BHA izdelek, ki ga omenjaš, ampak moram najprej porabiti nekaj stvari, ki so že blizu roka uporabnosti :) Imam pa v rutini še nekaj drugih korejskih izdelkov, ki jih bom ocenila v prihodnosti. Zaenkrat so mi vsi, ki sem jih preiskusila, super :)

    2. Tudi jaz moram porabit še precej stvari, preden si privoščim kaj od Cosrx. :D Predvsem me mikata Low pH Good Morning Gel Cleanser in mogoče A-Sol. Pa še od Banile Co Clean-It Zero. Bom z veseljem še naprej spremljala tvoje objave, ker se mi zdi, da imava podoben tip kože. :)