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Afrodita HYDRA THERMAL Hydra Active Concentrate - Serum

I feel like I’ve figured out a pretty well-working skin care routine for me at the moment, so I’ll be sharing more reviews for products that I’m currently using. Since having an awful reaction to a local skincare line back in elementary school I’ve stayed away from these brands until about a year ago, when I thought it was about time to try some of their products again. Especially Afrodita Cosmetics seems to be pretty on trend when it comes to their line and if you browse through their website you’ll discover they also have AHA and BHA peels available for a reasonable price (which aren’t so readily available on our market yet). Today I thought I’d share my thoughts for their Hydra Thermal Concentrate aka serum from their hydrating line. I’ve started using it last fall and I’l currently on my second bottle so I feel like I’ve used it long enough to form an opinion about it.

The serum comes in a pretty standard tube with a pump that easily controls the amount of product you’d like to use and is sturdy enough that it doesn’t break. One thing that bothers me about the packaging is the fact that you can’t see inside the bottle and know how much product is left inside. It contains 30 ml of product. The serum is like a lightweight white cream that sinks in quite fast and leaves a semi-matte, natural finish on the skin, which, as someone with oily skin, I can appreciate. I usually use half a pump or even less and the product wears well under makeup. Now in the winter I usually also follow up with a thin layer of moisturizer, but can see myself using this on its own under sunscreen in the summer. It helps with preventing dry patches, makes the skin really smooth and velvety soft to the touch. It has a light cosmetic scent but it doesn’t bother me, nor has the formula ever caused me any irritations. I use it after a mist/toner, both in the mornings and evenings, and it fits in well with other items in my routine that I’ll mention in later up coming posts. I can see myself repurchasing it again in the future. 
Compared to the Balea Aqua Feuchtigkeits Moisturizing Serum this product feels more comfortable on the skin and I need less product to moisturize the skin. The textures are very different, Balea feels more like a gel and Afrodita more like a 'watered down' cream. When I first used the Afrodita serum I though the creaminess of the product would be too heavy but once it’s applied to the skin it leaves a light hydrating veil on the skin. Price wise there’s quite a difference between the two, but after using both for a substantial amount of time I’d pick the Hydra Thermal over Aqua Serum any time.
Applied to the skin:

Available here and at local drugstores (in Slovenia and some other countries).

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