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Empty Products #13

In my last Empty Products post I've already mentioned that I have a bunch more empty packaging laying around in my empties box ready to be talked about, so I'm making two of these posts this month. I try to not wait too long between them as it is, because then I tend to forget how I actually felt about a certain product, especially if I wasn't super impressed by it. I included links to previous reviews.

I've used up several skin care items that were in my rotation last year. Starting with the least favourite from the bunch featured here - the Skin Rescue Deep Cleanser with Red Clay from First Aid Beauty. While it was a nice cleanser, considering the price it didn't feel like it did anything special for my skin, although it would seem that it would be perfect for the job. I won't repurchase this one, but absolutely adore their Face Cleanser that I'm currently using.
Sheet masks have been around for a while now and while you might look terrifying while wearing one, they are very beneficial for the skin, because of the concentrated ingredients infused into the mask. I've used up a couple of these Fiber masks from Sephora before and this one was also nice and hydrating. I didn't feel like it was too brightening, but it was really saturated with product. These don't have the best fit for my face.
Afrodita Cosmetics Hydra Thermal Hydra Active Concentrate is a lovely serum that leaves a semi matte finish on the skin and feels very hydrating. I apply it both, mornings and nights, and now in the winter usually follow up with another product, but in the summer it would probably be enough on its own, for my skin. I have already repurchased it.
Green Line Hydro Mineral Day and Night-time Moisturizer for Normal Skin - this was a great moisturizer and I mainly used it in the night time. I loved the creamy texture that turned into an almost watery one as I was massaging it into the skin. I bought a night cream from the same line as a replacement but haven't started using it yet.
I've used up a sample of the Algenist Regenerative Anti-Aging Moisturizer SPF 20 that was really wonderful. It left a slightly satin glowy finish on the skin, but didn't feel greasy and made pretty much any foundation I wore over look great. It sank into the skin quickly and made the skin appear plumper and smoother, pores less noticeable and didn't irritate my skin or cause breakouts. But I don't think it's actually worth the price tag, so I doubt I'll buy the full size.
I also finished a couple of face mists. The Caudalie Grape Water was a repurchase and I like it a lot more than the raved about Beauty Elixir. It's a hydrating toner/refreshing fine mist, that has a barely there scent but feels calming and refreshing in the morning or any time during the day. I need to repurchase it. Melvita Damask Rose and Lavender Officinalis Purifying Floral Waters were both lovely, but I didn't feel like the Lavender one was very purifying for the skin. It still added some hydration, but the product came out very concentrated in one area, so this was best used at the toner stage and not over actual applied makeup. I will probably get the full size of the Rose one, because I liked it better.
For dry shampoo I always come back to Batiste because it does the job so well. I wasn't particularly fond of the Original scent, but it wasn't too bad either. These work well at making the hair look clean and also adding volume and texture to the hair. If your hair is dark they might leave a white trace or a grey cast because the powder inside is very white. I always keep a back up in my stash, but prefer other scents (the Oriental one with notes of jasmin and sandalwood especially).
The Redken Extreme Anti-Snap was a product I kept using without liking or hating it too much. It's been over a month since I've stopped using it and haven't noticed my hair getting more prone to splitting or breaking so I can't say if it actually did much. Unless my hair drastically changes because I no longer use it, I probably won't repurchase.
Palmer's Coconut Oil Formula Repairing Conditioner was way too heavy to use as a conditioner on my hair so I used it as a pre-washing mask on my ends. This way it made the hair softer and less tangly after washing and the coconut fragrance was actually noticeable after washing. If you have dry hair you might like it.
Nuxe Body 24HR Moisturizing Body Lotion has a heavenly sweet-nutty scent and a silky texture. It smells like their Shower Gel from the same line. It moisturizes and softens the skin while at the same time enveloping it with its delicate almond and orange flower petals fragrance. I have the full size already.
Nivea Fresh Natural Deodorant without Aluminium salts was a decent deodorant and had a classic Nivea scent to it. On it's own this was useless, but paired with a deodorant from Nuxe it worked well. I've repurchased a different version of it (also without Aluminium salts).
I've repurchased the Alverde Mouth wash several times already and really like it because it's not too stong (like Listerine which is so strong it burns my gums) but it's still effective. I already repurchased it.
I've also used up some wipes. Both baby wipes were repurchases and I keep the smaller Babylove packaging in my hand bag so I can use them on the go, weather it's to wipe my hands, lipstick, etc. The ones from Tosama were also great and I kept them on my desk to wipe my hands after applying foundation or concealer and also to remove swatches. These are very saturated with product, while the Babylove ones are dryer.
I don't tipically use wipes to remove my makeup, but sometimes I want to wipe my foundation off, before I actually wash it off later, and for that I've used up the 3 in 1 Cleanse, Tone, Condition Face Wipes from Topshop Beauty. They had a fresh fragrance to them and were soft and saturated enough to remove makeup, even around the eyes, without irritating the skin. They didn't leave a weird layer on my skin or felt drying.

Have you tried any of the mentioned products?

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  1. I love the palmer's coconut oil formula, I have the solid balm and love it as a treatment!