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Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion in Original

I'm finally sitting down to write a review for this amazing eyeshadow primer from Urban Decay. I've been using it since I got a small sample with my Naked eyeshadow palette and have since repurchased it. My lids can't decide if they want to be oily or dry so I need a reliable product that will keep the eyeshadow and eyeliner in place no matter what.
This is a smaller travel version and contains 3.7 ml of product. You really need just a tiny bit to prime both eyelids so even this small tube easily lasts for a year and I use it pretty much everyday. If you use too much primer, the eyeshadows applied over will look patchy and uneven. The product inside has a beige-skin color to it and leaves a velvety layer on the skin that is not tacky, but still makes eyeshadows adhere to it better, helps with their longevity and pigmentation. I know that some people can just use concealer as a primer but that doesn't work for me at all. If I don't use a primer, I usually notice eyeshadow creasing on me within the first three hours and because I have hooded eyes I often also notice eyeliner transferring to the upper lid.
I've also tried their other tinted and shimmery versions of eyeshadow primers in sample sizes that came with other palettes and I also really liked their Sin primer. I've also tried a couple more affordable ones from the drugstore (ArtDeco and Catrice) but nothing comes close to this eyeshadow primer from  Urban Decay in my opinion. It prevents creasing, transferring make up to the upper lid and in general just keeps everything looking as good as first applied for everywhere between 10-12 (or even more) hours. They actually promise 24-hour wear without creasing, but I tend to remove my makeup after 12-14 hours so I can't say for sure.
 How it looks on the skin:
The Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion in Original and other formulas/shades is available here or here. If you mainly use drugstore eyeshadows and have trouble with their staying power I would highly recommend incorporating this primer into your routine.

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  1. Ta je tudi enkrat na wish listi v prihodnosti. Sicer sem trenutno prevej zadovoljna z Avonovim, ampak me ta zanima že zaradi opevanosti :). Izgleda kot nič na tvoji roki - obetavno :).

  2. Če iščeš zanesljiv primer za senčila bi ti bil zagotovo všeč. Ko ga naneseš na kožo ne izgleda kot da je obarvan (in hkrati ne prekrije najbolje žilic ali madežev na vekah, če iščeš kaj takega). Jih imajo pa več vrst, tako da lahko malo pobrskaš naokoli, kateri bi ti najbolje ustrezal. :)