petek, 11. december 2015

theBalm Mary-Lou Manizer Highlighter

I actually picked up the raved about highlighter Mary-Lou Manizer from theBalm about a year ago and even though I liked it from the start I never actually sat down to write a review about it. One of the reasons is also that my skin quickly gets a sheen, so for the most part I don't even need a highlighter in the summer/warmer months.

theBalm's Mary-Lou Manizer Highlighter comes in retro packaging and while I really like the design of this particular product, some designs of other packaging from the brand seems a bit off at times. There's 8.5 g of product inside, which is probably more than enough highlighter to last a lifetime. There is a mirror inside, which along with the fact that the compact is study, makes this product great for travelling. The texture of the powder is really soft to the touch and you can apply it with a fluffier brush and blend for a more subtle radiant glowy effect or do a full on, intense shimmery look. It will look even more shimmery if you use a wet brush. The powder is finely milled (no sparkles), very pigmented and doesn't accentuate the pores or uneven texture of the skin. Since there's so much product inside this can easily also be used as an eyeshadow or dusted all over the skin (shoulders, collarbone) in the summer when you have some tan for that extra glow.
The shade is a warm champagne color. In the summer when I had some color this looked beyond beautiful when I used it, but now that I'm paler I have to be a bit more careful with application, because it has a strong warm undertone and can look golden on the skin (it's still light enough to be a highlighter though). 
Comparison swatches:
- BareMinerals The Premiere (from The Magic Act Palette).
I feel like this is truly one of those products that belong in every make up collection and it's raved about on blogs and youtube for a reason. My favourite highlighter is still the Charlotte Tilbury one, but Mary-Lou Manizer comes in as a close second. I feel like I will get a lot of use out of in the upcoming holiday season.

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  1. Definitivno moj najljubši in prav imaš, sodi v vsako makeup torbico. Tudi odtenek se mi zdi tak dokaj univerzalen. Res je topel, ampak ni pretiran. :) Super ocena, mi izgleda zelo podoben Charlotte. :)

    1. Od CT je v bistvu malce bolj šampanjast in lahko izgleda ob nanosu še precej bolj intenziven od Mary-Lou :)