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Lush Bubblegum Lip Scrub

As soon as the temperatures drop and it starts to get cold I start having serious issues with the dryness of my lips. I try my best to always carry a lip balm or two with me and use a more nourishing treatment at night, but my lips can still get flakey and chapped, which is when a lip scrub enters the game. I've had this Lush Bubblegum one for a couple of months and like it a lot.

The scrub comes in a sturdy glass pot with a plastic lid and there's 25 g of product inside. I can't imagine using it up in a year, unless I used it daily. Mine is *technically* expired already, but it still smells (and tastes) the same as when I first got it, like sweet bubblegum, so I keep using it. I really like the scent & taste of it, but can imagine it being too strong for someone more sensitive.
Using it can get a bit messy. I like to use it either in the morning or evening while I'm doing my skincare routine. I apply it to my lips using my index finger and gently massage it in, wipe (or lick) it off and apply some lip balm. If you use it when you're already wearing make up, the product will be hard to control to not get over lip lines and mess up the foundation/concealer in this area. Also use it in the front of a mirror so the sugar crystals don't end up everywhere - outside the lips or crumble and end up in the sink. It removes dry skin, makes the lips softer and because of the added jojoba oil also leaves a nourishing feel afterwards.
The main ingredient besides jojoba oil is castor sugar and you could easily make something similar at home, if you don't feel comfortable paying for a small pot of sugar with added flavour and vibrant pink coloring. 

With matte lip product formulas being so popular right now and current cold weather, taking care of your lips (like the rest of the skin on your face) should be a daily concern.
There are a couple of different scents of Lip scrubs from Lush available if you find this particular one too strong.

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