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Anastasia Beverly Hills Self-Made Eye Shadow Palette

I've calmed down with buying eyeshadow palettes significantly, but as soon as I saw that Anastasia Beverly Hills was launching their Self-Made Palette I knew I wanted to get my hands on it. A mixture of warm neutrals with two pops of color made me fall in love with it and after I've been using it for over a month it's become one of my most loved palettes in my collection.
The Palette comes in sleek cardboard packaging with magnetic closure. It comes with a mirror and could be easily taken with you for travelling. There's 14 eyeshadows inside, with different finishes and it also includes a dual-ended brush. I've never used any eyeshadows from ABH, but I did try their legendary Brow Wiz that I love using, so I was hoping for the best. Turns out this is a great eye shadow palette! The majority of the eyeshadows inside are more on the shimmery side so if you prefer mattes you could easily be disappointed with it. The brush included is also really nice, but I'm not a huge fan of dual-ended brushes because I don't know how to store them other than keep them in their palettes. On one side is a fluffy blending brush and on the other end is a smaller and denser brush perfect for depositing product in the outer corner.
The shades included are as follows:
- Pink Champagne: metallic rose gold glitter,
- Metallic Plum: shimmery deepened plum,
- Self-Made: golden bronze glitter,
- Witchy: sparkly khaki gray,
- Blush: light beige with a duo-chrome lilac finish,
- Blossom: metallic pink ,
- Buttery: matte warm beige,
- Deep Purple: shimmery purple,
- Treasure : shimmery/metallic champagne,
- Hot & Cold: shimmery warm medium brown,
- Sherbert: satin warm peach,
- Isla: sea foam green with a duo-chrome gold finish,
- Spirit Rock: black with multicolored glitter,
- Hot Chocolate: deepened matte cocoa brown.

I've used the palette for over a month and looking at the how used some of the shades are by now, my favourites are: Pink-Champagne, Buttery, Treasure, Hot&Cold, Sherbert and Hot Chocolate. This selection is fairly predictable for someone like me, but I've tested all the shades and have even ended up wearing the purple one multiple times - and ended up loving the looks I came up with. The eyeshadows blend beautifully and don't look patchy. They feel smooth to the touch (mattes feel buttery soft) and don't require too much building because they're so nicely pigmented. The wear time is impressive. I've tested them with and without primer and even without primer these stayed on my lids almost intact for close to 8 hours, with UD Eyeshadow Primer Potion I get 12+ hours of wear. Some of the eyeshadows are more on the glittery side so I can end up with some fall out product on my cheeks. What usually solves this is tapping the brush before taking it to the eyes or applying foundation after I'm done with doing my eye makeup.


Three looks I created in the past week with this palette (I took these photos in the evening after getting home from work so excuse me if they don't look *perfect*):
-the mascara I used in all is the Revlon Lash Potion Volume & Length I reviewed earlier this week
To make this eyeshadow palette even better, I would switch up the black eyeshadow included for another matte transition shade, but I still like the palette enough to recommend you get it, if you've been wanting to (it's limited edition). I haven't noticed too many recommendations or reviews online so far, which surprises me a little because the palette is really lovely and with the purple and sea foam green shades also ends up being different enough to justify getting it if you already have more than enough neutral palettes and want to dive into incorporating some wearable pops of color.
It's still available for purchase here.

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