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October 2015 Favourites

Another month has swiftly gone by so it's time for favourites again. Besides these I've also tried some new skincare items, but I need to use them for more than 3-4 weeks to be sure how I like them, so I'll probably feature some next month.

I have two blushes, with very different price tags: Chanel's Joues Contraste Powder Blush in 260 - Alezane and Essence's Matt Touch Blush in 20 - Berry Me Up. I've used Berry Me Up for most of September and than continuing into October until I got the Chanel one mid month. It's a lovely matte natural shade and lasts for the entire day on my skin. Chanel Alezane adds more of a glow to the skin, is a lovely brownish-pink shade and also lasts all day on the skin. 
Another two favourite items from Chanel and Essence are two eyeliners. I've been using the Essence Big Bright Eyes Jumbo Pencil on the waterline and inner corner and the formula is amazing for the price. It lasts well and is a perfect brightening shade for anyone with a fair/light skintone. Chanel's Ardent on the other hand doesn't last as well on the waterline, despite claiming to be waterproof, but the shade is so stunning I don't mind. I mostly use it as a standard eyeliner, on both lash lines where it lasts for an entire day.
Besides these two liners, I've also been loving the Nars Himalia Dual-Intensity Eyeshadow on my eyes. It looks great as a light wash of color on the lids, but applied wet it transforms into this incredible deepened bronze eyeshadow, that is perfect for the fall.
I wanted to include lip products, but in the past two weeks my lips have been severly dry and chapped and one of the few helpful items has been the Nuxe Reve de Miel lip balm. It has a very rich texture and is excellent for night time treatment, but applied in a thinner layer can also be worn during the day, if you don't mind feeling you're wearing something on the lips. 
Two brushes from Real Techniques have been my main tools for applying make up. I've had the Blush brush for a really long time and it's the perfect multi-tasker and one of the favourites in my collection. I've added the Sculpting brush during the summer and especially love it for evening out and blending foundation and concealer. I think it's meant to be used primarily for contouring, but I've found it to be a multi-tasking brush as well.
What were some of your favourites this past month?

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