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Melvita Lavender Officinalis Purifying Floral Water

One of the most popular products from Melvita are probably their floral waters. They have a whole range designed for different skin concerns and because my skin likes playing tricks on me I decided to try their balancing and purifying Lavender floral water

The floral water comes in a bottle containing 200 ml of product. It has a pump so you can spray it directly onto the skin and pat it dry or use a separate cotton pad to use is as a traditional toner. I really disliked the spray in the beginning, because it dispensed the product too concentrated instead of a soft mist, but now that I've used over half of the floral water inside, it seems like it dispenses a nicer mist. I'm not a huge fan of the lavender scent in general, but I don't dislike it either. The scent of this floral water is quite strong so if you're sensitive to that or are not a fan of scented products in general, you might want to skip this one. I've been using the Lavender floral water for close to three months applying it twice a day. I spray it directly onto my skin after cleansing and proceed to gently pat it into the skin, so it would absorb faster. After about a minute it leaves the skin feeling soft and hydrated and the scent doesn't linger on the skin once it soaks in. I can't say I've noticed a major improvement in the purifying claim, but it does calm the redness and balance the oiliness a bit. I also have a sample of their Damask Rose floral water and after a couple of uses already prefer using that one - scent wise and the feeling of plump hydrated skin it leaves.
I would imagine anyone who likes using lavender scented products to really enjoy this floral water, otherwise the Damask Rose might be a better starting point for anyone new to the Melvita floral water range. Melvita Lavender Officinalis Purifying Floral Water is available for purchase here or here. Find a list of their shops around the world to check their products in person here.

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