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Green Line Hydro Mineral Day and Night-time Moisturizer for Normal Skin

When I was growing up, my mom used to use Green Line skin care almost exclusively, but I haven't tried much from the brand until recently. I was looking for a new moisturizer and I came across this one on offer, so I decided to try it out. I picked up the version for normal skin, despite the fact that my skin is pretty oily, because I mainly intended to use it as a night time moisturizer.

Green Line is a local Slovenian brand that is pretty inexpensive and easily accessible in our drugstores and other shops, but their products should be easy to find in other countries that used to be a part of Yugoslavia as well. This moisturizer can be used in the mornings as well as evenings and contains mineral water Radenska as well as extracts of avocado. This makes for a unique texture of the cream that reminds me of Khiel's Avocado Eye Treatment, only it's a bit lighter and much less expensive. The cream isn't too heavy to begin with, but as you're applying it to the skin the formula gets a light, almost watery consistency. 
The product comes in a sturdy plastic jar and contains 50 ml of product. The jar itself is slightly misleading and makes you think there's more product inside. It has a fresh scent that is not too strong and quickly disappears as you're applying it.
My skin is quite problematic and I have a hard time finding a moisturizer that will keep my skin from producing excessive oils, doesn't break me out and wears well under makeup. As mentioned before I've mainly been using this cream in the night time, because it felt a little too heavy under make up, but I imagine someone with normal skin would love it. In the night time I use it after cleansing and toning and it always leaves my skin soft to the touch and well moisturized. As it absorbs into the skin, it leaves a natural looking semi-matte finish on the skin. My skin is less oily when I wake up the next morning and doesn't feel tight or dry, even if I used acid treatments under it the night before. I've used it in the summer and continue to do so transitioning into winter and still feel like it provides enough moisture for my skin. If I don't intend to wear make up I often wear it during the day as well. It hasn't broken me out or caused any other irritations. 
The biggest disadvantage is the fact that it comes in a jar and can quickly become a deposit for bacteria. This can be prevented with using a spatula and clean hands when you reach into the jar. It also promises to smoothen fine lines and first wrinkles, but I don't think it actually contains any wrinkle-filling ingredients.

If you're looking for a new moisturizer I would recommend checking out this line of products. Their website is under renovation (has been for a couple of months now -.-) so I can't check it for more info, but I think they have different day and night-time moisturizers for all skin types, from dry to oily. I've noticed they're also quite often put on offer in different shops.

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