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Empty Products #10

Today I have another batch of empties to share, including some make up items I've used up. Previous reviews/mentions are linked in the name of each product I've talked about before.
Medex Apilana Hands - a very decent hand cream that leaves an almost waxy feel on the skin without making it oily. It also had a nice citrusy scent. I might repurchase once I downsize my hand cream stash.
Dr. Scheller Argan Oil Hand Cream - I wasn't a fan of the scent (argan oil in general), so I reserved it to use at night time. It was ok, but I won't repurchase.
Redken Extreme Conditioner - I've used up my last bottle of this conditioner and while it did it's job nicely, I'm slowly transitioning into using Kérastase hair care products. I used to use the complete Extreme range from Redken, but this conditioner didn't seem special enough to keep repurchasing.
L'Occitane Repairing Conditioner for Dry & Damaged Hair - I've never been a huge fan of L'Occitane hair care range. I feel like their shampoos are too rich for my hair that can get oily quickly and their conditioners are quite average, unlike the majority of other products from the brand.
L’Occitane Arlésiene Beauty Milk - I really liked this refreshingly and floral scented body milk. I think I used it up in the summer and really liked  how lightweight it was and the fact that it sunk into the skin so quickly, while the scent lingered for a couple of hours.
Nuxe Sun Refreshing After Sun Lotion for Face and Body - I already professed my love for their shower gel that smells heavenly of almonds and orange blossom and since this one smelled exactly the same I really enjoyed using this small sample. I'm not sure I'll buy the full size, though.
Sephora Collection Mattifying and anti-blemish Green tea Sheet Mask - I didn't notice any particular improvements when I used this. It didn't seem like it did much in the mattifying department or preventing blemishes, but it did feel calming in a way. If your skin isn't super problematic you might find it works better. I have a couple of other masks from Sephora to try, but wouldn't get this one again.
Sephora Collection Green Tea Eye Mask - I used this once when I had really puffy eyes and it somewhat helped to reduce it, but they're by no means a miracle product.
Innisfree It's Real Cucumber Sheet Mask - this was a lovely and refreshing treatment. It felt very hydrating but I didn't notice other major improvements. I have more of these to use up.
Etude House Purifying Rice Sheet Mask - this was a very nice mask and I actually noticed my skin looking clearer the next morning when I woke up. Sheet masks are very saturated with product and leave the skin hydrated and plump with other benefits, like brightening or purifying, depending on the ingredients. I have more of these to use up.
Essence Minis to 2 Hand & Body Wipes - I bought these for traveling and then just kept them in my bag so I would use them up quickly. They were really small, so I usually needed two to even properly wipe my hands and they also had a weird scent to them. Won't be repurchasing.
Yes To Grapefruit Brightening Facial Wipes - I really disliked these because they made my skin burn, so I only continued using them to remove swatches from my hands. I do really like the cucumber wipes from this brand.
Origins GinZing Energy-boosting moisturizer -  a very nice lightweight moisturizer with a citrusy scent. I have a regular sized version, but this was a smaller travel sample I received along with the full size to try out.
Essence Eyebrow Designer in Blonde - while the shade was a really nice match for my eyebrows, I didn't really like the formula. It was really waxy and the tip was quite hard so when I was applying it, it often just pulled out my hairs. I don't think I'll be repurchasing it.
Urban Decay All-Nighter Makeup Setting Spray - this setting spray did a great job at keeping the makeup in place, but it did close to nothing at keeping my skin from getting oily. I'm currently trying the De-Slick Oil-Control Makeup Setting Spray and so far I like it more than the All-Nighter.
Max Factor Masterpiece Glamour Extensions 3-in-1 Volumising Mascara - this was a great drugstore mascara and I loved using it everyday until it became too dry. It was the perfect everyday mascara that stayed on the lashes well. In general I'm a big fan of Max Factor Mascaras and this one came very close to being a favourite from them, besides the Max Factor 2000 Calorie Masara. I would repurchase but I'm trying to use up some other mascaras first.
Maybelline Fit Me Concealer in 15 - Light - one of the best drugstore concealers, but it's unfortunately not available here. It has a creamy consistency that is light enough for the undereye area, as well as having enough coverage for covering blemishes. If it came in another even lighter shade I would be the happiest person in the world.
Darphin Skin Mat Matifying Lotion - I've used up other samples of this lotion before and after using a couple more I'm still pretty unimpressed with this product, especially taking the price into consideration.
Paula’s Choice Skin Balancing Oil-Reducing Cleanser - this cleanser reminded me of First Aid Beauty's Face Cleanser, but I didn't like it as much. It didn't do the best job at removing make up, so I used it in the morning or as a second cleanser at night, but it also felt like it left my skin slightly stipped and feeling dry. Won't be getting the full size.
Cosrx Blackhead and Pore Zero Patch - this was a two step blackhead removal patch that also included a pore tightening serum. It did an ok job at removing blackheads from the pores on my nose, and I really liked the serum that came along with it. It still didn't remove all the gunk from the pores so I doubt I'll repurchase it.
Charcoal Nose Cleansing Strips - these strips come included with almost every order I place on Jolse and they're alright. Again they don't remove all the gunk that builds up in the pores, but as free samples they're completely fine and I'll continue using them.

Have you tried any of these mentioned products before?

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  1. U, sem ravno zadnjič razmišljala kateri UD setting sprej bi naročila in zdaj vidim, da bo zame tudi bolje če se odločim za De-Slick :)

    1. Meni je po prvih nekaj uporabah definitivno boljši kot All-nighter :)