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Bourjois Healthy Balance Compact Unifying Powder in 52 - Vanilla

With oily skin, using setting and mattifying powders is almost a necessity. Drugstores usually offer more than enough decent options and I especially like reaching after translucent versions that don't add any colour to the skin. But since not every powder I want to try is available in a translucent shade the next slightly riskier & not always the best option for anyone with a fair skin tone is getting the lightest shade.

The Bourjois Healthy Balance Unifying Powder in 52 Vanilla is a setting and mattifying powder that has a very soft and silky texture. It is formulated with Asian fruits Sharon and Yazu, which moisturize dry areas (and don't cling to dry patches), smooth and mattify the skin. The powder comes in a compact slim packaging with a handy mirror and there's 9g of product inside. The soft texture can kick up some excess product as you swish the brush inside.
The powder is ultra fine with an easily blendable texture and provides a radiant but matte finish, that claims to remain so for 10 hours. On my skin it usually has a mattifying effect for good 6 hours, but in the summer heat it took about an hour less before my skin got shiny again. After applying, the skin is left with a natural looking finish and doesn't look like you're wearing powder. Despite setting and mattifying functions it also adds some coverage and warmth to the skin. It has a slight fresh-fruity foundation scent that isn't too strong. 
There is one huge disadvantage though - the shade 52 Vanilla is way too yellow and dark for me to use other than in the summer when I have a slight tan/use a darker foundation. If I wore it now it would look obviously off, since it has a strong warm undertone. Bourjois liquid foundations come in another lighter shade (51) and it would be great if they decided to make another lighter or even translucent shade of this powder because it leaves a beautiful finish on the skin.
Overall this powder is really nice but my usage is only limited to summer time. If your skin tone is medium it should be easier to find the matching shade.
The Bourjois Healthy Balance Compact Unifying Powder comes in four different shades and is available here.

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  1. Vsi tako hvalijo/hvalite ta puder, da si ga res želim preizkusit, ampak sem prepričana, da bo odtenek tudi meni preveč rumen :/

    1. Mogoče naslednje poletje, drugače bi znal biti res pretemen in preveč rumen. Razen če vmes dodajo še svetlejši odtenek :)