sobota, 07. november 2015

Balea Aqua Feuchtigkeits Moisturizing Serum

Today I have a quite affordable skincare item to share with you. Roaming through DM more than necessary I came across this Serum a couple of months ago and it has quickly become of the staples in my daily skincare routine. I've used it through out summer and continue to use it in this colder months.

The Balea Aqua Feuchtigkeits Serum comes in a 30 ml plastic bottle with a sturdy pump that easily controls the amount of product you'd like to use. If I only use the serum I use a full pump, if I use another moisturizing product I use half a pump all over the face. I've found it's also safe to use around the eyes.
 The product has a very lightweight, almost watery, texture and sink into the skin within one minute. I usually apply it by lightly tapping the skin to help it sink in quicker. It leaves a satin-matte finish on the skin and doesn't irritate the skin. My skin is somewhat sensitive and problematic and this product has never caused me breakouts or redness, but check the ingredients below to make sure your skin will tolerate it. It's lightly scented but the scent quickly disappears as it sinks into the skin. The only thing that I would change is adding some mattifying properties, especially to use in the summer time, but if you don't have oily skin you probably won't even notice that.
How it looks on the skin:

If you're looking to try a new serum, I feel like you can't really go wrong with picking this one up, especially taking the price point into consideration. You can buy it at your local DM.

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  1. Meni je tale Balein serum res eden boljših. Ne glede na to, kateri serum katere znamke preizkusim, se vedno vračam na tega, ker me še nikoli ni razočaral. :D

    1. Se strinjam, da je super in očitno ustreza precej različnim tipom kože :)