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NARS Dual-Intensity Eyeshadow in 'Himalia'

I've been contemplating getting one of these NARS Dual-Intensity Eyeshadows since they first came out and I've finally splurged on one - the beautiful shade Himalia. I'm really intrigued by the majority of NARS products but most of the time their price point is still a solid enough reason that I don't go adding every product of theirs to my shopping basket.

First of all, this eyeshadow is tiny. There's 1,5 g/0.05 oz. of product inside which is about a standard amount but for some reason I was still expecting it to be bigger when I ordered it online. The packaging is standard rubberized plastic and the closing is magnetic. The eyeshadow has this lovely geometric embossing pattern that quickly disappears as you start using the eyeshadow. There's also a handy mirror inside making this perfect for travelling or using on the go.
The Himalia eyeshadow itself couldn't be a more perfect and gorgeous taupe-y - bronze shade with golden shimmer. The formula is designed to either be worn dry or wet, which intensifies the shade quite a bit (hence the name). It's beautifully pigmented and one or two light swipes on the lid are enough for a simple everyday look that is appropriate for work. Applied dry it has a slightly sheerer finish, but can still be built up. Used wet it's a whole different story. It's given a lot more dimension and becomes an intensified shimmer and a deepened cooler bronzed taupe shade. Applied with a damp brush the formula almost transfers into a creamy-formula eyeshadow.
The eyeshadow adds dimension to the lids and can easily be the only shade you wear, either dry or wet. The lasting power is surprising. Using a primer or not it lasts on my oily lids for the entire day (11+ hours), which is pretty incredible. I also haven't noticed any fading while I wore it, applied either dry or wet. I haven't noticed any fall out while I was applying it, but it did transfer a bit when I rubbed my eyes, so I had some shimmery bits on my under eye area.

Only NARS Dual-Intensity Eyeshadow in 'Himalia' applied to my eyes (with Benefit's Roller Lash Mascara):
- when applied dry it leaves a golden shimmery finish, that adds dimension and warmth to the eyes,
- when applied wet the finish is almost metallic and leans cooler - it's almost too shimmery and intense to wear during the day (and I love wearing shimmery shades). The photos below don't show the intensity of the shade applied wet to the fullest, but the difference in the finish, intensity and undertone in visible in the swatches above.
I was really surprised by the formula and staying power. The Himalia eyeshadow is easy to apply using either brushes or fingers, almost blends itself and has an amazing staying power. When used dry the shade itself doesn't seem that unique, but when applied wet it gets a whole different level of bronze goodness. I feel like this one would suit the majority of skin colors and undertones, but they also have a range of other shades available. I'm in love!

Get yours from the NARS website or Sephora.

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  1. It may be tiny but this shadow looks gorgeous! I think you're right that the shade would probably suit a lot of different people