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H&M Beauty Haul

A couple of days ago I finally had a chance to check out the newly released Beauty Collection by H&M. I was quite short on time and the selection was overwhelming so I only picked up a couple of items. My first impressions from swatching in store and seeing the packaging and presentation are that it reminds me of Kiko - offering mostly great quality make up at an accessible price point. I've yet to try and test most of the items I picked up, so don't hold me to that if you got a different impression.

First of all, there are testers available for every product they have, which is already a step-up from the drugstore, while the items you'll be buying are sealed to ensure no one actually tries them before you. The shade selection of eyeshadows, powders, foundations, lip products and nail polishes is huge so be prepared to spend some time swatching/browsing. The first two items I got were two eyeshadows - Sahara Dawn and Molten Mauve. The lights in the store are a little tricky and I thought the Sahara Dawn would look more burgundy, but I'm still happy with both shades. I haven't worn it yet so I can say anything about the longevity yet, but when I swatched them they were both nicely pigmented and soft, almost creamy, to the touch. Two other choices I wanted were already sold out, so I know I'll be returning if I end up liking these two.
I also picked up one Crease Eyeshadow Blending brush. They had a nice selection of face and eye brushes that seem to be great quality and are made with natural bristles.
Another eye product I got was the Eyeshadow Pencil in Fairytale. It's a shimmery light pink and I have high hopes for it.
The Quick Dry Nail Spray was actually the reason why I wanted to stop by their shop and is the only one I've tried so far. It seemed to do it's job well, but will need to test it more to be sure if it's really effective.
Another product that intrigued me was the Mattifying powder. If I remember correctly they had three different setting powders available along with a powder foundation, including lighter shades like Porcelain. I'll of course report back, once I try it out.
I skipped the lip products section and nail polishes, but the shade selection seemed pretty impressive. I would recommend browsing online first, so you can make a wish list and be more composed once you get to the beauty section. I bought these products at the H&M store in City Park (BTC) in Ljubljana, which is currently the only location in Ljubljana (Slovenia?) that has them in stock. They also have a large selection of body care items and even some facial masks available. I'm excited to try these products properly and will report back when I do (I have high hopes). I'm also really glad that for once we weren't left out of this re-launch.
Have you picked up/tried anything from the new H&M Beauty line?

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  1. Joj, jaz že komaj čakam, da se spravim do tja :D Imam že par stvari nagledanih, predvsem blushe :)

    1. Verjamem, priporočam da greš bolj zjutraj pogledat, da ne bo gužve :) Mislim, da bodo ti izdelki na splošno kar precej priljubljeni pri nas.