sobota, 10. oktober 2015

Essence Matt Touch Blush in 20 - Berry Me Up

For fall Essence released two Matte Blushes. I haven’t tried too many of their blushes so I can’t compare with other formulas, but was pleasantly surprised with this one. While the packaging is very simple see through plastic and underwhelming, you can’t really blame them for the price you’re paying.

On the back of the packaging it says that they are ‘super-soft’ blushes, which is not exactly true. Mine is quite hard to the touch and is not at all dusty or powdery. This also effects the application, because it can be built up more easily, instead of swiping the brush through it once and ending up with clown cheeks. It blends easily and has a pretty good staying power with an almost smoothing, naturally flushed finish. On me the color is still visible after about 9-10 hours, but that will probably depend on the foundation you’re wearing underneath (I’m still using the Chanel Perfection Lumiere Velvet foundation). It has a faint scent that is not noticeable when I’m applying it to my cheeks.
The shade Berry Me Up is a deeper warm slightly dusty pink. Below I featured some comparisons with a couple of other blushes (L-R):
Essence Matt Touch Blush in 20 - Berry Me Up
Bourjois Little Round Pot Blusher in 15 - Radiant Rose
Besides Berry Me Up they also released a peachy shade called Peach Me Up that Mateja reviewed here. If you like the shades, you can’t really go wrong with picking either of them up, for the price.

4 komentarji:

  1. It looks so beautiful, I love the shade! I will probably be picking up both of them :)

    1. It looks really pretty and natural applied to the cheeks :)

  2. Zdaj bom čisto random - Rockateur maš? Jealous :D
    Tile Essence mat blushi so res prijetno presenečenje :) Mi je pa Peach me up malo ljubši. Hvala za link <3

    1. Ja, lani sem kupila od Benefit tisti 'božični' komplet, kjer je 5 rdečil + Hoola bronzer in je bil Rockateur tudi med njimi. Si pa nekoč želim še njihov Dallas blush :)
      Mene je tudi precej presenetil tale od Essence, se pa nikoli ne spomnim, da bi še Peach Me Up vzela. Np :)