sreda, 21. oktober 2015

Essence Big Bright Eyes Jumbo Pencil in 01 Highlight it...Nude

Essence products are often a hit or miss, but when they come up with something good it's usually back-up worthy. This eyeliner is in my opinion definitely one of the latter.

If you're one of the fair skinned you probably have more issues than not finding items in different make up categories that can really suit you year-round. One of the tricky items can be finding just the right shade of highlighting eyeliner that does it's job and stays on the waterline for a decent amount of time. In the past I've used the Rimmel Scandaleyes Waterproof Khol Kajal Eye Liner in 005 Nude and while it was decent, it was way too yellow to have a real brightening effect. I then switched to using a white Khol Liner from Max Factor and if I applied it with a light hand and blended it a bit it also looked alright, but had an average lasting power, because it wasn't waterproof.
Lo and behold, I had a solution available at almost every step at the drugstore in the shape of the Essence Big Bright Eyes Jumbo Pencil in 01 Highlight it...Nude. This jumbo pencil has a wonderfully creamy and smooth texture that blends easily and can be used on the waterline for an instantly more awake look or below the brows to add some definition. It's nicely pigmented, so one swipe is opaque enough to cover the waterline, while the texture is soft and doesn't tug on the skin as you're applying it. The shade is a perfect neutral/light pink that is brightening and stays on my waterline for over 6 hours. For someone darker this would probably be too white-ish, but if you're fair/light this is a great inexpensive option. There are two other shades available and unlike this one, I believe both have some sort of shimmer inside.
With and without Essence Big Bright Eyes Jumbo Pencil in 01 Highlight it...Nude (also wearing Benefit Roller Lash Mascara and NARS Himalia Dual-Intensity Eyeshadow):
If you're looking for a brightening eyeliner to use on the waterline I would highly recommend you give this one a try. I don't remember how much it costs exactly, but considering it's from Essence it won't break the bank if you purchase it.

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