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Chanel Le Vernis - 679 Vert Obscur Nail Polish (Collection Les Automnales/Fall 2015)

Last week this year's Fall Collection from Chanel finally landed in our shops. I had a wish-list ready since I saw the first promo images about two months ago and was anxiously awaiting it's launch over here. In some places around the world the Holiday collection is already available, but we'll have to wait until mid-/end November before it launches here. The first review from my picks I'll be sharing today is one of the three nail polishes - the 679 Vert Obscur.

There were three shades of nail polishes released in the Collection Les Automnales de Chanel. Besides 679 - Vert Obscur, also 669 - Chataigne (deep brown plumy vamp cream shade) and 671 - Ecorce Sanguine (deep red with micro golden shimmer), both of which I decided to skip.

Chanel 679 - Vert Obscur nail polish is a deepened green cream shade. The color is very interesting and can either be worn in one or two coats. One coat looks more like a deep emerald shade with a hint of blue. The first coat applied slightly unevenly and on the sheer side, so I followed up with another one and the color became a blackened deep green. The green is visible in direct sunlight, but inside it almost looks like a black nail polish. In the bottle it appears to be more blue than it actually is. Despite being so dark it didn't stain my nails when I removed it.
The formula is slightly more watery than some of my other polishes from Chanel and can pool along the edges. My brush also seems like it was cut slightly uneven so I had to be more careful with application. I recently read that Chanel is planning to reformulate their polishes next year and I really hope they start adding a slightly thicker brush, because application with the current one is time quite consuming.

 On my nails - one coat:
 On my nails - two coats (no top coat):
I have a feeling this polish would look amazing with an added matte top coat that is also being repromoted as a part of the fall collection. In the fall I mostly wear vampy deepened red shades (18 - Rouge Noir and 573 - Accessoire are two of my faves) but adding this one to my collection will at least make me consider wearing something a little different for once.

The collection should still be available at most Chanel stands around the world. Online you can get the Chanel 679 - Vert Obscur Nail Polish here.

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