četrtek, 03. september 2015

Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream EDT

I don't review fragrances too often, simply because they are such a personal item. I often browse online for scents with similar notes to perfumes I like, but when I try them out at the shop they can often turn out completely opposite from what you'd expect from the description. I often base my decision to try a new scent simply based on the bottle, which was also the case with Daisy Dream from Marc Jacobs.

I feel in love with the bottle when I first saw it; blue EDT housed inside a sturdy glass bottle with a vintage feel and daisies all over the bottle and lid. Simply stunning! Luckily the scent was also love at first smell, so I went ahead and bought it. The scent is distinctively summery - fruity, fresh and floral, and wears like a light airy breeze. With a mix of blackberry, pear, jasmine, litchi and coconut notes, it creates an unusual but seductive combination. While it's youthful in a way, it's also sophisticated and feminine. The wear is about average for an EDT, about 5-6 hours, while it's still slightly detectable on the clothes after 8 hours.
This fragrance was released last summer but to my knowledge it's still available at various stores. If you're curious about the notes of this scent and other recommendations check out Fragrantica. Now if only Marc Jacobs' make up line could find it's way over here.

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