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Catrice Eye'Matic Eyepowder Pen in 050 - Al Cappuccino

I reviewed the first Eye'Matic Eyepowder Pen in 040 - Keep Calm and Love This Colour a couple of weeks ago, and since I wasn't super impressed by the formula and staying power, these have been left aside and barely used. Then I figured I could improve the wear by applying a base eyeshadow over primer to help with longevity and it kind of works.
There were 6 different colors of Eye'Matic Eyepowder Pen made available for Catrice Fall Collection this year. They are convenient and easy to apply eyeshadows, since they contain a built-in applicator sponge. The tip is tapered, allowing somewhat precise application.
They only contain 0,4 g/0.01 oz of product. The eyeshadow is deposited inside the lid and when you close the pen, the product transfers onto the foamy applicator. The color pay off is decent, but needs some layering. To use on either eye I have to dip the applicator into the lid and one swipe only gives a sheer coverage, so you have to build them with more swipes for opaque coverage.
The shade Al Capuccino is a shimmery taupe. The applicator deposits the product and can also be used to blend the eyeshadow to some extent, but I would still recommend using brushes to make it look more even.
When I reviewed the first shade I was quite disappointed with the weak staying power. Even with the UD Eyeshadow Primer Potion that is usually crease proof on my lids for 10+ hours, the eyeshadow creased within an hour/hour and a half. This time I decided to make some tweaks for application. After primer I put on some eyeshadow (3rd highlighting shade from Kat Von D's Shade & Light Contour Palette) and then applied the Catrice pen on top. This resulted in better staying power and color pay off that was more intense. It still didn't stay on my lids for an entire day, but at least it lasted for 6 hours before starting to crease. 
Comparison swatches of 040 - Keep Calm and Love This Colour and 050 - Al Cappuccino:
More comparisons with (L-R):
- Catrice Eye'Matic Eyepowder Pen in 050 - Al Cappuccino
Besides the shade from the Kat palette I also used the Max Factor Smokey Eye Drama Kit in 04 Luxe Lilacs in the look below:
I like the fact that I've found a way to make the color last longer on the lids, but I still feel like there are better products at a similar price available, like the Kiko Long Lasting Stick Eyeshadows that are also really simple and easy to apply and wear way better.

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