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Urban Decay All Nighter Makeup Setting Spray

Come summer, my biggest mission is keeping my make up in place and my skin matte in this heat (aka mission impossible). I was deciding between this Urban Decay All Nighter Makeup Setting Spray and the De-Slick Oil Control Spray version last summer, and the lady at Sephora was like, 'Well besides keeping your skin matte, you probably also want it to stay in it's place', so I settled for this one, convinced it was the best of both worlds.

To try it out I got the smaller, travel sized bottle with 30 ml of product. It promises to prolong the wear of makeup and making it appear fresh for up to 16 hours. I definitely agree that it does a great job at that, preventing make up to settle into pores or fine lines, sliding off or disappearing, but 16 hour claim is a bit of a stretch and 10-12 hours sounds a lot more reasonable. It also helps to prevent the skin from looking cakey. It sprays a very fine mist and feels wet but lightweight on the skin, but once it dries it doesn't feel like you've actually applied anything. It has a slight fragrance but it's not something that would linger on the skin.
When I used it for special occasions, like dinner parties that I knew would go on until late in the night/early morning, I first sprayed a little under foundation as a primer and than put on another layer after I was done with applying all other products, as a setting spray. If your skin is not super oily this should also work well for controlling oil on the skin, but in my case I didn't feel like it does much in this department - after a couple of hours I would still have to blot or powder my face again. Now in the summer it doesn't actually do anything to control the oiliness, which is kind of annoying. It also hasn't broken me out.
It's a rather simple product to use, but unfortunately not the best suited for oily skin (it contains alcohol so it could also be drying on dry skin). Urban Decay's setting spray range also includes the De-Slick spray for oily skin, that I'll be trying next, and the Chill Cooling Spray for dry/combination skin.

Available in travel or regular sizes from FeelUnique or Sephora.

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