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Empty Products June (#6)

Today I have another batch of empty products to share. Since I started writing these posts I'm actually surprised at the amount of things I use up in time to write a post each month/month and a half.

First of we have one of the best candles I have ever purchased. The Diptyque Sandalwood was just incredible! Yes, these are pretty expensive but nothing beats the complexity and throw off of the scent as you burn them. The Santal candle was lovely; woody, warm and rich. Even if I wasn't burning it the scent was strong enough to smell about 1 metre from the candle. I'm curentlly burning a Sandalwood candle from a more affordable brand and it doesn't even come close. I've already cleaned the glass and will probably be using it to store my brushes. I'll probably repurchase it in the fall.
L'occitane Shea Butter Cleansing Oil - I absolutely loved using this. It removed my make up well, didn't make the skin greasy or broke me out. I've purchased their Immortelle cleansing oil as a replacement, but I'm still deciding if I like it as much as this one.
Melvita Rose Extraordinary Water - another loved product. I use this as a middle step between a toner and serum (or instead of one) and it adds hydration while also plumping and softening the skin. I'm already on my second bottle.
Bioderma Sebium Akn and Al Moisturizers -  I wasn't particularly fond of either. While they didn't irritate my skin they had a weird scent, almost like a toilet cleanser which was very off putting once I was applying it to my skin.
The Emu Oil Well Moisturising Eye Cream - This was a basic hydrating eye cream and I liked using it. It has a semi thick consistency and didn't irritate my eye area. If you're looking to add a basic eye cream this is a great entry product, but I've decided to purchase something else, because it took a really long time to use it up.
L'occitane Organic 100% Shea Butter - I had this little pot for what seemed like forever. I used it to nourish any dry areas, especially my cuticles or lips and really liked it. It had a quite thick consistency and took a while to sink into the skin. I've repurchased a similar butter they released a couple of months ago, that was sold out in like 2 or 3 days (I think it's with added apricot scent).
Avene Thermal Water Spray - This is a lovely refreshing non-scented facial mist/toner. I like to use it after washing my face and gently patting it into the skin. I've already repurchased it, but will probably get it in a smaller size next time, because the nozzle seems to stop spraying such a fine mist once you're running out of the product.
Philip B Maui Wowie Beach Mist - this was a sea salt spray and besides smelling nice this did absolutely nothing for my hair. It didn't add volume or any kind of beachy waves, it just dried out my hair, so I'm happy to get rid of it and wouldn't recommend it.
Schauma Cotton Fesh Leave in Conditioner - another failed hair care item. This was basically just like spraying water onto my hair. It was supposed to make brushing my hair easier and add a refreshing effect, but it basically did nothing, so I'm throwing it away despite using it only a couple of times.
Bioderma Sensibio Micellar Water - a HG item for me. I've been repurchasing these for the past 3 years and find the price justifiable, since it really removes make up without stripping the skin, and it also lasts for quite some time. I've decided to try some other micellar waters to see if I can find anything similar, but I'll definitely repurchase it again in the future.
Lancome Bi-Facil Eye Make-up Remover - I liked this for removing eyeshadow and eyeliner, but to remove mascara this took a lot of work. It was also one of the products I'll never understand the hype around because in the end it turned out to be pretty average and I remember using a similar two-faze eye make-up remover from L'Oreal in the past that worked better. When I used this I often found myself reaching for Bioderma Micellar Water to really remove every trace of make up.
Kozmetika Afrodita Depilatory Wax - this was surprisingly great. It removed the hair very well, but was a bit more painful than the SugarStripEase that I mentioned last month. I will repurchase.
Nivea Soft & Cream Baby Wipes - these wipes had a lovely creamy scent and felt moisturizing on the skin (I don't use this to remove make up on my face, fyi). I usually reach for the dm brand baby wipes but I might get these again sometime.

Have you tried any of the mentioned products or have any alternative recommendations? Let me know in the comments.

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  1. L'Occitane olje je res super. Sem kar na blef kupila full size izdelek in mi ni žal. Zelo lahko odstranjevanje makeupa in jaz tudi nisem čutila nobenih iritacij:). Bioderma je tudi moja stalnica. Emu Oil kremo tudi uporabljam in se nisem morala odločit kako bi napisala oceno, ampak si ti kar dobro povzela. Dobra basic vlažilna krema in nič več. Iščem kaj bolj anti-aging in še nisem našla moje HG kreme za oči.

    1. Naslednja krema za oči, ki jo bom preizkusila je Kiehls z avokadom, si pa tudi sama želim kakšno bolj anti-aging. :) Če najdeš kaj primernega poročaj :)