torek, 28. april 2015

Favourite nude(-ish) lipsticks for Spring

It's no secret that nude-ish shades of lipstick are my favourite. I'm yet to find the perfect one, but today I'll be sharing my favourite picks from my stash to wear this spring. 
My favourite formula includes the Chanel Rouge Coco Shine in '54 Boy'. It is a sheer and shiny color that could work for a variety of skin tones. It feels hydrating on the lips, but has a very average lasting power (2-3 hours) and a lovely rose scent that disappears once on the lips.
Another lovely and very similar shade and formula is Rimmel's Lasting Finish Colour Rush Intense Colour Balm in 'Drive Me Nude'. It feels very lightweight and applies as a sheer wash of color with some sheen.
Essence Long Lasting Nude Lipstick in '05 Cool Nude' is creamy, but hardly long lasting (unless 2 hours means long lasting to Essence?). It feels lovely on the lips and doesn't dry them out. 
'Notting Hill Nude' by Rimmel is a brown based peachy nude and is super creamy and very hydrating. I like it so much I want to try more colors from the line. 
Bourjois '04 Rose Tweed' is a perfect my lips but better shade and feels very luxurious and hydrating on the lips. It's creamy and has a slightly glossy finish (I recently caved in and bought two of the hyped up Nars Audacious Lipsticks and I think I prefer this formula from Bourjois to them).
Swatches of all mentioned shades in different lightning:
 Applied on my lips:

What are some of your favourite lipstick (or lip gloss) shades & formulas to wear in the spring to summer time?

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  1. Tole od Bourjois si pa res morem kupit, sem pa trenutno sama obsedena z njihovo 12 hours Rouge v 31 Beige shooting :D

    1. Res je ful lep odtenek in super formula od Rose Tweed.
      Bom preverila to, ki si jo omenila naslednjič, ko bom v dm/Mullerju :)

  2. I really love nude lipsticks as well :) the Rimmel one looks so stunning!
    You have a lovely blog, I'm a new follower. x