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Chanel Le Vernis - 707 Mediterranée (Summer 2015)

As I've already mentioned on Sunday the latest Chanel Summer Make up Collection Méditerranée is already available in stores. The whole look was inspired by the French Riviera and you'll be able to find some pretty and summery shades in different items, weather you're into lip, eye or nail products.
When it comes to Chanel Nail polishes I have a hard time not picking up at least one shade each time they come up with new colors. This summer they added 4 more shades of polishes: 707 - Mediterranée, 717 - Coquelicot (bright red), 727 - Lavanda (violet) and 697 - Terrana LE (a very unique shimmery chocolate brown). I picked up two 707 - Mediterranée and 697 - Terrana LE (review to come in the following week), since I already have too many red Chanel polishes (don't ask how many) and I don't really see myself wearing anything violet on my nails.
The packaging is standard Chanel - nail polish comes in a black box with a golden detail at the bottom. Next comes the glass bottle with a removable black lid. The applicator is still small which is the only thing that sometimes bothers me about these polishes, because you really have to take time and apply the color with care.
The formula on this polish is amazing - it's practically a one coater (a first for me), creamy and applies with ease. To even everything out I still applied two coats. I wore it for three days and it didn't chip or show any wear until I removed it, since the shade is still a bit too vibrant to wear at a corporate office. I usually get at least 5 days of wear with Chanel polishes with some tip wear if I apply a top coat.
The color itself is a beautiful vibrant turquoise blue without any shimmer, but depending on the lightning it shows either green or blue undertones.
You can see how it looks on my nails below:
I don't have anything similar in my collection to compare, but if you're looking for a more affordable option you can probably find an alternative from Essie or OPI.
I have a feeling this shade won't leave my nails come summer and it will be a welcome change from nude and minty shades I normally wear this time of the year.

Chanel Le Vernis Nail Color in 707 - Mediterranée (along with other products from the Summer 2015 Collection Méditerranée) is available online from Nordstrom or Neiman Marcus.

V Sloveniji so Chanelovi izdelki naprodaj v Maxiju na oddelku kozmetike, v Nami in prodajalnah Muller.

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  1. Oh I so need to put this on my nails like TODAY! Thanks for the pretty photos and the swatches. I need to swatch Terrana when the collection becomes available as well. I am very rarely attracted to brown nail polishes, but I think Terrana might be an exception!

    1. No problem :). I just started wearing Terrana today and it's beautiful. I'm normally not a fan of brown polishes either, but this one is stunning!