petek, 02. januar 2015

2015 Resolutions/Plans

Mid-December I had this great idea about a post promising a 100 day shopping ban. Then I saw the images and a couple of reviews for the upcoming Chanel's spring make up collection and realized that simply won't be possible (#firstworldproblems). Judging from my purchases in December I really should think about working in that directing, but reading all the other blogs make me add so many new items to my wish list that I would also love to try. I will work towards spending less money on make-up related items and appreciate my collection more. I own way too many eyeshadow palettes already, so I'll try to not add anything in that area, but I'm still searching for a 'perfect' foundation, so I need to devote more effort towards that. I find the idea of the 'Pan project' really intriguing and I hope to adopt that to my lifestyle more. 
I also wish to travel more which is very much related to spending less money on make up, so this should be a great motivation to save some funds. I hope to travel to Denmark and New York this year, but I probably won't be able to continue my 'tradition' of spending a couple of weeks in California. Well, it's hard to make such decisions, since the year just started.
With photography being my main love and interest I hope to also work more on my writing. I have a couple of great ideas about what I'm planning to do this year (blog related), with regular updates being my main goal. There is always much room for improvement and I'm striving towards perfection. 

Happy New Year!

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