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Empty products #1

I've been collecting empty products for a while now and I finally decided to write some thoughts about them.

Redken Extreme Shampoo - I've been using this shampoo for over a year now and I really like it. This is from their nourishing range suited for damaged hair that restores strength and adds shine. I feel like this might be best suited for people with chemically treated hair. I've already repurchased this, but when I'm done with the current bottle I'll probably be trying something else.
Balea Face Wash gel - I really liked using this face wash during the summer. It has a strong citrusy scent, but I didn't bother me, and the formula was gentle enough to clean my oily but sensitive skin without making it too dry. I will be getting this again for sure. Available at dm.
Palmer's Cocoa Body Scrub - I loved using this scrub because it wasn't too harsh on my skin. With added cocoa butter it was also nourishing and my skin felt soft, like I didn't have to use another body product after. I would repurchase this.
Lush Helping Hands Hand cream - a very rich hand cream. Once applied it feels pretty greasy and needs some time to fully absorb, so it's best to use it as a night treatment. It's great to use during winter time, but every time I get it, I feel like the scent changes after a month or two, almost like it spoilt itself. I've repurchased this multiple times already. 
Melvita Rose Beauty Face Mist - this was the first product I ever got from Melvita and I loved using it over the summer. When I run out of it, I repurchased it immediately, but have since started using something more affordable. I've never been a huge fan of rose-scented products but in the past couple of months I've tried a couple different ones I really liked. I've used this face mist instead of a toner and during the day when I felt like my skin needed some refreshment. It didn't break me out and the nozzle didn't dispose too much product to make the skin too wet. I might get this again if I find it on offer.
Weleda Skin Food - one of my favourite multi-purpose creams with a refreshing herbal scent. I've mainly been using it as a hand cream, but it was also great as a foot cream. When I flew to California earlier this year I applied it to my face as a moisturizer and I looked like my skin was really oily, but my skin felt super smooth and soft when I landed after 12 hours on the plane. I've already repurchased this.
Cetaphil Cleansing Cloths - I got these when I purchased their Gentle Face cleanser at Walgreens and I liked that they weren't scented, but unfortunately they weren't very effective at removing make up, so I'm not getting them again.
Benefit's They're Real Mascara - I had higher expectations from this mascara, since I've read so many positive reviews, but to me it just felt average (maybe that was because of the sample size). I might still get this in full sized version, if I find it on offer somewhere (and find a store that would actually ship it to Slovenia!).
bareMinerals Prime Time Brightening primer - I've tried quite a few bareMinerals products over the years and normally really liked them, but I wasn't a big fan of this primer. Compared to the Urban Decay's Primer potion this was very average and didn't do much for my oily eyelids. This particular one also had a golden sheen, which looked too yellow on me. 
Smashbox Full Exposure Eyeshadow Palette - I got this as a sample with one of my Sephora orders while I was in the States. I really enjoyed using the matte shades, but wasn't a fan of the shimmering row, because they weren't pigmented  and there was a lot of fall-out with them. I like the included shades, but the majority seems like it would be dupable with other eyeshadows in my collection.
Bioderma Sensibio Micelle Solution - My absolute favourite item for removing make up. It's gentle but very effective and removes make up, even if it's waterproof. I've repurchased this multiple times already.
Paula's Choice Clear Regular Strength Anti-Redness Exfoliating Solution - I've mentioned this product in my last montly favourites, but before purchasing it in the full size, I tried the smaller travel version, and this was a real life-changing product I started featuring in my skin care routine. 
Caudalie Grape Water Face Mist - I purchased this after using up two face mists from Melvita since it was a more affordable option. I actually ended up liking it even more, because it wasn't scented and felt even more hydrating on the skin. The nozzle was also dispensing less product, like an actual gentle mist. I will repurchase this.

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