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Chanel Tissé Rivoli #226 Review & Swatches

When it comes to make up I can get a bit carried away sometimes. In the past month this has happened quite a couple of times as you will be able to see and read in the posts that are coming this week. But I still think that it's better to buy something more expensive that you absolutely love and know you'll be using a lot than a cheap item you're just ok with and it ends up sitting in your collection and you don't even end up using.
I fell in love with this Quadra as soon as I saw some photos on-line (mainly comparisons with the Poesié Quadra) and when I saw both in person I had a hard time deciding which one to pick, because they are both so beautiful! Tissé Rivoli is one of the eight permanent reformulated Multi-Effect Quadras from Chanel. Their surface is made to resemble the texture of a classic Chanel Tweed Jacket and this is why they reflect the light in a gorgeous way.

Tissé Rivoli is a perfect match for anyone who loves neutral toned eyeshadows and is perfect for creating looks for work or nights out. Everything from it's pigmentation to lasting power is amazingly done. The eyeshadows are creamy, very pigmented and don't crease (even without a primer they last for about 8 hours). There is also no fall out. Their texture is soft and the formula is very blendable. I've mainly been using the small applicators that come with the quad and they do the job great!
The eyeshadows are baked and contain less product weight wise that a normal eyeshadow would, but they don't seem too small in the pan so it's hard to say if they contain less uses than regular quads from Chanel.
The shades included are mostly neutral to warm. 
Shade #1 is a medium, neutral to warm taupe with a frosted finish. 
Shade #2 is a light beige with a warm peachy undertone and a golden shimmery finish.
Shade #3 is a medium deep, brown satin with warm undertones and a pearly sheen (I think the palette is worth getting for this shade only).
Shade #4 is a medium to dark brown, with reddish undertones and a satin finish.
Swatched shades #2 - #1 - #3 - #4.

If you're unsure about getting this make sure you check them out in person at a Chanel counter and you will definitely fall in love! I've been using it more or less everyday since I got it and I fall in love with it again, every time I look at it. With the upcoming holiday season this Tissé Rivoli Quadra would make a great gift for any make up lover who is looking for a simple, timeless, put together and elegant eye make up look, so make sure to add it to your Chistmas wish-list!

The Chanel Tissé Rivoli is available online at Bergdorf Goodman, Neiman Marcus, Bloomingdales (US) and Boots (UK).
V Sloveniji naprodaj v Maxiju, Nami in prodajalnah Muller.

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