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Benefit Cheeky Sweet Spot Blush Palette Review

I'm pretty new to the brand Benefit (mainly because it's not easily available in my country) so I fell in love with all the Christmas sets they released this year. I wish I could get them all, but I felt like the Cheeky Sweet Spot Box of Blushes was the best one of them (considering how much product it contains) and most reasonably priced as well. The palette comes in a metal tin with a festive decoration and includes five blushers, a bronzer and a highlighter.

The blushes are mini versions of their best selling products including Dandelion (a pale pink blush), Bella Bamba (a vivid pink with golden shimmer), Sugarbomb (4-shaded peachy blush), Coralista (coral pink blush), Rockateur (rose gold blush) and Hoola (matte bronzer). There's also a mini Watts Up! - a champagne gold cream highlighter and a mini blush brush. 
The texture of the powders is soft and smooth, with the shimmer blushes being slightly more powdery. They are nicely pigmented and give a nice glow. Watt's up is a subtle highlighter. Even when I've heard and read a lot of positive reviews for the full sized Hoola bronzer I was still impressed over it's quality and the fact that it suited my fair skin so nicely.
The box is a little bulky so it's not very travel friendly, but you can always decide to depot the blushes and put them in another palette (and use the box for something else once you use them up). I would highly recommend getting this, if not for yourself it would definitely make a great gift for any make-up lover!
Swatches: Hoola - Dandelion - Bella Bamba - Coralista - SugarBomb - Rocateur - What's Upp! 
Overall, this is a great little set including seven of their cheek products and a small brush. Majority of the blushes are about half the size of what you would get when buying individual products making it great for someone who isn't as familiar with the brand yet and would like to make sure they like a certain products well enough before committing to buy it full-sized (Rocateur actually includes the same amount you would get if you decided to buy it full-sized!). 

The palette is still available here and here.

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  1. Such a pretty palette!!! Awesome colours!!!

  2. This would make such a lovely gift for someone. I like the added touch of having the name of the blush in the product, so pretty! xx

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    1. Agreed! I think this is a great choice as a gift, especially for someone who wants to try more products from Benefit before committing to buying them full-sized.