torek, 28. oktober 2014

L'Oreal Paris Glam Shine Stain Splash Review

Lately my love for lip glosses and lipsticks has been growing. For the longest time I was only using lip balms (sometimes tinted), but somehow I've gradually transitioned into liking other lip products as well. I'm still not 'brave' enough to wear a bold (red) lip for everyday, but I'm starting to be ok with wearing shades on my lips that resemble my natural lip color or enhance it.
One of my favourites at the moment are the L'Oreal Glam Shine Stain Splash glosses/stains that are often referred to as a dupe for a more expensive lip stain from YSL. They come in very wearable colors and have a semi-sheer but buildable finish. If you want the color to show slightly apply one coat, two will give you a nice stain and three a very visible coloring. 
The color lasts on me despite drinking and eating for around 5-6 hours which is surprisingly long in my opinion. They feel hydrating and just slightly sticky, which helps with their longevity. Application is easy and precise with a small tear drop shaped soft wand that holds just enough product. On the lips they feel light and comfortable and have a pleasant scent. The packaging doesn't look cheap and feels luxurious. 

I've picked up two shades: 101 - 'Lolita' and 102 - 'Romy' (scroll down for swatches!). Lolita is a soft neutral pink while Romy is a great autumnal slightly berry color for me, especially after two or three coats (I have fair skin).
Overall I think these should be in everyones make up collection since they're so affordable and easy to wear, perfect for work or school when you don't have time to retouch your make up every hour.
Have you tried any of them yet or have any other gloss recommendations? These are available in 6 shades here (currently on 3 for 2 offer!)

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  1. Romy izgleda prav lepa :) Jaz ima Eve odtenek in sem tudi zadovoljna z njegovo obstojnostjo edino včasih si želim, da bi bil bolj pigmentiran & malo cenejši, ampak okej :)
    Me veseli, da si komentirala moj blog, ker sem zdaj našla tvojega in se že veselim branja naslednji & starejših objav ;)

    1. Hej,
      ponavadi izdelke za testiranje kupujem, ko so v akciji - najpogosteje dm pri nas ali kje preko spleta, tako da mi ni preveč žal če mi kaj potem ni všeč. :)