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Review: YSL Shocking Mascara

As promised a while ago, here is the YSL Shocking Mascara Review.
YSL is one of the high-end beauty brands. I have first became familiar with them buying the 'classic' False Lash Effect Mascara that I loved using and thought it was one of the best things I ever tried for my lashes (it also contains a bit more product - 7.5 ml vs 6.4 ml). This was also one of the reasons that I decided to try the 'Shocking' mascara by them, which is supposed to create a shocking false lash effect - giving them volume for a seductive look.
When I first opened it I thought it was a bit too wet, which I hate at mascaras, but after about a week the brush started applying just the right amount of product. It is a true black color and makes a pretty decend job, but for the price I felt like that just wasn't enough, especially comparing it with the False Lash Effect Mascara. At times it clumped my lashes and wasn't holding the curl very well thoughout the day. It is also not waterproof so if your eyes get watery it will definitely smudge all over the place. It is also scented so it might not be appropriate for very sensitive eyes. 
One of the positive things is also the luxurious and nice packaging.
The end of the brush if a bit uncomfortable to get lashes in the inner corner, but otherwise it is well designed and shaped.
Have you tried it yet? What is your favourite (YSL) mascara? If you're interested in trying out this one, you can find it here in four different shades.

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