ponedeljek, 17. marec 2014

New in: Alexander McQueen

Recently I got very lucky when I came across a really good price for a few Alexander McQueen items.

As you probably already know I’m very keen to the skull iconography featured on scarves, T-shirts or jewelry, so every season I look forward to Alexander McQueen’s creations. Their silk skull scarves have been very popular for the past few years and are in my opinion such a classic item that everyone should own at least one. I started my McQueen scarf collection with this beauty and was very happy when I found two more classics to add - a navy blue scarf with grey/off white skulls and a grey one with white skulls. If you're planning on adding one to your collection I highly recommend them and I think it's best if you start with something like this or this.
 And here they are with my new Diesel sandals. I found a few similar options from Ancient Greek Sandals - have a look here and here.

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