sreda, 05. februar 2014

D.R.I. @ Slim's in San Francisco

**Blogger is uploading shitty photos again** I will have a link to my Flickr account where you can see these photos in their actual colors and quality.  

Also - this gig happend way back last year in March so this post is 'hella' late.
First band of the night were 'The Nerv': Ok, but nothing special imho.
(This collage is an unfortunate combo of The Nerv & DRI guitarist)

  Second bend of the night were 'Zero Bull Shit': again, nothing special about them, in my opinion, but the crowd was pretty excited to see them.

And then it was finally time for D.R.I.!


Their performance was crazy intense and the crowd went nuts! They played for almost two hours and there were countless stagedivers and crowdsurfers, and even I got some bruises for trying to get photos from the first row. I would also like to give a big FUCK YOU to the their guitarist's girlfriend/wife/manager (or whatever) who saw what the crowd was like and still kicked me off stage where I wanted to stay for a song or two, to take a few photos of the band and crowd without constantly getting hit in the head/camera.

More photos can be viewed here.

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