četrtek, 12. december 2013

New in: Alexander Wang Diego Bucket Bag

Sorry for the lack of posting (again!), but I was really busy with life in general so I took some time off. I recently went a little crazy again and got myself a new bag - the Alexander Wang Diego in black pebbled leather with rose gold hardware, which really stands out. I actually got it from Ebay, but the bag arrived looking almost as good as new. There are many fakes out there, so make sure you check for the bag's authenticity, before you decide to purchase any used bags.

Diego is a really cool bag, but it also has some issues that bother me, for example when it's empty it's already pretty heavy, but when filled up it can get a bit tiresome wearing it on your shoulder for a long time. The strap can be manually extended or shortened so it can also be worn crossbody. One of the things that also bother me about it is the fact that taking things from it while it hangs on your shoulder is almost impossible, so you have to take it off and then try to find what you were trying to reach in this black-hole. Despite some of this issues I still like my Diego a lot and mostly wear it in the summer with cool casual outfits.
I've also been playing with the idea of adding another 'bucket bag' style bag to my collection. I really like the one by Mansur Gavriel in black leather with red interior (currently sold out at NAP), but if you wish to get the Alexander Wang Diego, you can find them here, here and here.

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