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New in: Proenza Schouler PS1

You've already seen me wear this bag, but I haven't posted an 'official' reveal yet, so here it comes. I've been following the PurseBlog for a while now and I really like their feature called 'Purseonals' where they feature different bags and rate their functionality vs. price & durability, etc., so I thought I would do something similar with this post.

1. Design: 
PS1 has a very nice design and looks like a casual 'school bag'. It's actually named after a school district in New York (if I remember correctly). This was actually the first designer bag that I fell in love with because of how casual and cool it looked and I have to admit that I still love it as much as I first laid my eyes on it. I went with a classic black color in large size, because I wanted a big bag that could handle a lot of daily wear and black leather is perfect for this. It has a lot of pockets which come in handy for people who want to have an organized bag and always know where something is inside it. Since the design is so simple it can also be worn by men - maybe it was even designed with that in mind? Once it gets worn it loses it structure and the bottom becomes more slouchy. Every season they come up with a lot of different color and leather/suede combinations so there's plenty of different options to choose from.

2. Usability and functionality:
After I got it I didn't stop using it daily for at least two months. It met my expectations and all the extra pockets are very helpful in organizing. It fits my 13'' MacBook Air and A4 documents as well as other things I might need throughout the day. The shoulder strap could be a bit thicker/wider so it would be more comfortable to carry on the shoulder, which is the way I usually carry it. When it's empty it's not too heavy, but when filled it can get a bit hard to carry around all day, since the large really can fit a lot. In fact, I used it as my carry-on bag when I was travelling to San Francisco/The Bay Area in USA earlier this year and it carried all my essentials and more. I was also using it travelling there everyday and no complaints about it - I like the fact that it's not too flashy, since the logos aren't very visible and the design is very casual so people who might want to rob you don't do it :P.

3. Overall quality:
I've been reading terrible reviews about this bags not being well constructed, but mine has been holding up really well. I simply love it's smooth and soft leather, which after a year of regular wear doesn't have any scratches or other signs of wear. As mentioned above my only complaint would be about the thin shoulder strap since the large model can fit a lot which caused my strap to stretch a little, but nothing worrisome. The black closing clasp also has a few scratches, but overall the bag is still in a really good condition.

4. Value and final verdict:
I've been putting off buying this bag because I just couldn't come to terms with it's price, especially when you read all the terrible reviews, but I'm glad to say that the bag has turned out to be well worth it's price, because the leather is top quality and the bag has definitely become a signifier of a generation and has been around for about 5 years now, and is still going strong. After one year I'm still very much loving it and already thinking about at least another one - a dark red Pouch and/or Medium in Midnight.

** For the Fall 2013 season the boys have changed the design a little so the dust bag, inside lining and some other smaller details are different than pictured here.

You can get your own PS1 at Selfridges.

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